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posted August 26, 2001 09:41 PM UIN: 16262997
by Brian Spaid

August 26, 2001


FRANKLIN, PA ... Everything was in place at Tri-City Speedway on Sunday night for a fantastic battle to decide 2001 point champions. However, Mother Nature had other ideas.
After hot laps were concluded in all divisions, heavy rains hit the track at 5:50 p.m. Track officials waited approximately 30 minutes for the skies to clear. However, the track's DTN Weather Radar System showed additional rains developing to the west, and the grandstand public address system was knocked out by a lightning strike. As a result, the races were cancelled. The decision to cancel was confirmed at 7:20 p.m. when more heavy rains arrived.
The rainout brought an anticlimactic end to the title chases. Scott Bonnell of Fairview, Pa., earned his first career championship in the Allegheny Land & Lumber Super Sprints. Ironically, he suffered some damage in the hot laps after colliding with another competitor. His main nemesis, Jarod Larson, was also involved in a hot lap crash.
Brian Swartzlander of Leechburg, Pa., collected his fourth track title in five years in the Titusville Motor & Auction Co. DIRT Modifieds. For the third time in his career, Jeff Hoffman was thwarted in his title hopes by a few markers. This time, Swartzlander defeated him by 14 points, but prayed for rain after suffering some motor problems in the hot lap session. The closest margin was one point in 1996 when Brian Fink beat Hoffman.
In the RE/MAX E Mods, Todd Roncaglione of Linesville, Pa., won the track championship by two points over Brent Rhebergen, who had 11 feature wins, including the last 10 events. It was Roncaglione's first career title at Tri-City, and he earned it with one feature win and consistent finishes throughout the year. Due to the rainout, Rhebergen will collect the $200 bonus money offered by RE/MAX 1st Oil Country and Tri-City because no other driver was able to defeat him since the bonus was first posted in July.
Ron Iorio of Kennerdell, Pa., won his first career track title in the E.F. Rogers Plumbing & Heating Stock Cars. Planning to retire after this season, the rain gave Iorio the cushion he needed to top six-time feature winner Bobby Whitling for the championship.
Del Rougeux Jr. of Frenchville, Pa., won the 2001 Original Coors Hard Charger Award after accumulating the most passing points in any division at Tri-City. The DIRT Modified driver defeated Hoffman for that title by one point.
Due to the rainout, rain checks will only be honored at the Mod Madness V NorthPointe Automotive 150 on Sept. 22nd-23rd as well as the CSOnline Applefest 100 on Sept. 29th. The rain checks will require an upgrade of $5 at the Mod Madness show.
The next event at Tri-City Speedway will take place on Labor Day September 3rd when Penn-Ohio Demolition Derbies takes over the track for the Inaugural Victim's Resource Center Smash-Up Derby. The event features heat races for the demolition derby competitors with each winner earning $100. The finale will pit the heat winners against one another with the victor claiming $400 and the runnerup $200. Diehl Wilson's The Virginia Giant Monster Truck will also be on hand to give an exhibition. Gates open at 11 a.m. and the demos start at 2 p.m. Adult grandstand admission is $10 with a $2 off discount ticket available at local Sheetz Convenience Stores. Due to the fact that this is an outside promotion, the August 26th rain checks cannot be honored at this show.
The next oval track action takes place on the weekend of September 22nd-23rd as the Mod Madness V NorthPointe Automotive 150 and Wingless Warriors Sprints take to the half-mile track. On Saturday September 22, heat races will be held for the BRP Modified Tour/Titusville Motor & Auction Co. DIRT Modifieds, York Triahtlon Series RE/MAX E Mods and the Sportsman Modifieds. The top eight drivers from the DIRT Modified heats will compete in the Mod Masters 2001, which is a round robin tournament paying $500 to the winner. In addition, the Wingless Warriors Sprints will run a complete show, which will conclude with a 20-lap feature paying $2,000-to-win. The Coors Light Pavilion will be the site of a huge pit party at the end of the night. Gates open at 2 p.m. and racing starts at 4 p.m.
On Sunday September 23rd, after B Mains are run the modified classes, the Mod Madness NorthPointe Automotive 150 will be held, which will include the 50-lap Kodiak Memorial BRP Modified Tour race for the DIRT Modifieds paying $3,000-to-win. The York Triathlon E Mod Series will race in the Myrgo 50 and the Sportsman Modifieds will also compete in a 50-lap event. Gates open at 4 p.m. and racing starts at 6 p.m.
Adult grandstand admission is only $15 for a two-day admission ticket, which will entitle a fan into the grandstands on both nights. As noted above, the August 26th rain checks will require an upgrade of $5 at the Mod Madness show.


SUPER SPRINTS: 1. Scott Bonnell, 942; 2. Jarod Larson, 925; 3. Mark Cassella, 911; 4. Jason Jacoby, 889; 5. Brent Covell, 833; 6. Chad Hill, 769; 7. Gary Rankin, 735; 8. Brian Hartzell, 709; 9. Ed Lynch Jr., 664; 10. Sheila Rankin, 662.
DIRT MODIFIEDS: 1. Brian Swartzlander, 870; 2. Jeff Hoffman, 856; 3. Dave Murdick, 807; 4. Kevin Bolland, 785; 5. Jim Weller, 766; 6. Kevin Hoffman, 751; 7. Jim Rasey, 732; 8. Chris Schiffer, 700; 9. Rex King, 698; 10. Del Rougeux Jr., 664.
E MODS: 1. Todd Roncaglione, 886; 2. Brent Rhebergen, 884; 3. Mike Hess, 838; 4. Bob McCann, 779; 5. Kari Petrosky, 750; 6. Shawn Shingledecker, 701; 7. Mike Samuelson, 680; 8. Bill Taylor, 6794; 9. Mike Potosky, 658; 10. Jim Abbott, 653.
STOCK CARS: 1. Ron Iorio, 1028; 2. Bobby Whitling, 1012; 3. Dave Ferringer, 935; 4. Doug Iorio Sr., 922; 5. Jamie Shetler, 830; 6. Scotty Carbaugh, 809; 7. Danny Exley, 802; 8. Bob Sloss, 735; 9. Brian Counselman, 733; 10. Scott Peterson, 685.


Sept. 3 (Mon.) - Inaugural Victim's Resource Center Labor Day Demo Derby (A Penn-Ohio
Demo Derbies Production) (Event starts at 2 p.m.)
Sept. 22 (Sat.) - Mod Madness V NorthPointe Automotive 150 with Wingless Warriors Sprints and Mod Masters 2001 (Heat races only for the DIRT Modifieds, E Mods and
Sportsman Modifieds) (Gates Open at 2 p.m.; Races at 4 p.m.)
Sept. 23 (Sun.) - Mod Madness V NorthPointe Automotive 150 (DIRT Modifieds - Kodiak Memorial
BRP Modified Tour 50; York Triathlon E Mod Series - Myrgo 50; Sportsman
Modifieds - 50 Laps)(B Mains in all divisions)(Gates Open at 4 p.m.; Races at 6
Sept. 29 (Sat.) - CSOnline Applefest 100 for E.F. Rogers Plumbing & Heating Stock Cars and Lowry
Auto Wrecking Demo Derby (Gates Open at 2 p.m.; Races at 4 p.m.) (2nd Annual American Red Cross Great Truck Event)

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