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Author Topic:   Kent Three In A Row - Looking For Speedweeks Sweep
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posted July 19, 2001 07:31 AM UIN: 16262997
Kent Three In A Row - Looking For Speedweeks Sweep

At the end of Wednesday's fast paced exciting night of racing at Portland
OR's Portland Speedway, Steve Kent notched win number 3 in the 2001 version
of the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour "Northwest Speedweek".
Racing on the big half-mile dirt oval, the Fresno, CA based driver showed
his liking for the longer tracks as he set his aim on leader Brent Kaeding
from his fourth place start and was challenging for the lead in seven laps.
At the one third mark of the 30 lap feature event, Kent was running high and
then moving to the inside as he and Kaeding exited turn four. Each time
though, Kaeding would move to the inside blocking the pass.
Kent continued to dog the leader until he got a great run out of turn two
and down the back straight on lap 23 and was finally able to make an outside
pass and take the lead and the win.
Action came to a halt on the second lap when Rick Fauver and Chris
Schmelzle made contact going into the first turn. Schmelzle took a hard hit
into the lower concrete wall while Fauver disappeared through the wood
framed upper section in a shower of splinters, twisted tin covering and bent
steel poles.
While the stunned crowd watched the safety crew go through the hole looking
for Fauver, he had landed on a road through the parking lot, climbed out of
his car and was walking back toward the track. Four laps later Ron Myska
took a tumble in turns three and four to stop the action again.
At the same time Kent was making his inside pass attempts on Kaeding, Jeff
Cooper coasted to a stop on the back straight. When action resumed Roger
Crockett, running third, was black flagged for being to noisy. The muffler
he had lost had been hit by Cooper and punctured his dry sump tank.
After making his lap 23 pass to take the lead, Kent maintained a five car
advantage over Kaeding to the checkered, as Shawna Wilskey held third over
Johnny Rodriguez and Jeff Hodgson in the final laps.
Hodgson led wire to wire to get the B-main win over Jayme Barnes and Steven
Tiner. Barnes and Tiner had a tight race during most of the 15 lapper.
Destiney Hays flipped into the back straight when she climbed the wheel of
Ron Myska while trying to make a pass. On the restart, Brandon Harkness had
an easy layover on the front chute to set up a hot race to the finish.
Barnes put the pressure on Hodgson as Tiner dogged his rear nerf bar with
the three taking the white flag less than a car length apart but neither
Barnes nor Tiner able to pull off a pass. Myska took the 1st transfer spot
with Willie Croft in 5th.
Geoff Beck took the C-Main over Jim Cress and Cale Carder with all three
moving to the B-main. With Beck and Cress opening a large lead, Carder led
the rest of the group for the caution free 10 lap race.
Heat one went to Fauver as Kent picked off Rodriguez, Rick Smith and Hays
but was not able to catch Tony Menard. In the second heat, Scott Adams led
all 10 laps with Scott Aumen keeping Kaeding at bay for second. Jason
Solwold took the last transfer spot.
Gary Morgan cranked out the win in the third heat as Barry Martinez,
Wilskey and Cooper trailed. The final heat was all Rod Perkins over
Schmelzle, Crockett and Stan Yockey .
Kaeding picked up the dash win and Kent set a new track record by blasting
a second off of the old record with a sizzling 17.146 second circuit.

Fast Time - Steve Kent - 17.146 NTR
Heat 1 - Rick Fauver, Tony Menard, Steve Kent, Johnny Rodriguez, Destiney
Hays, Rick Smith, Geoff Beck, Brandon Harkness, Richie Brown, Ed Weirsma.
Heat 2 - Scott Adams, Scott Aumen, Brent Kaeding, Jason Solwold, Ron Myska,
Marc Dupperon, Kaylene Vervilla, Jim Cress, Chad Bauer, Jayme, Barnes, Dan
Heat 3 - Gary Morgan, Barry Martinez, Shawna Wilskey, Jeremy Cooper, Chad
Hillier, Jay R. Harkness, Cale Carder, Dave Smith, Dawn-L Morrison, Steven
Tiner, John Tharp.
Heat 4 - Rod Perkins, Chris Schmelzle, Roger Crockett, Stan Yockey, Willie
Croft, Jeff Hodgson, Mark Ellis, Mike Crawford, Herman Klein, Wade Flaming.
Dash - Kaeding, Cooper, Crockett, Kent, Wilskey, Rodriguez.
C-Main - Beck, Cress, Carder, Ellis, Bauer, D. Smith, Weirsma, Klein,
Morrison, Dunlap, Brown.
B-Main - Hodgson, Barnes, Tiner, Myska, Dupperon, B. Harkness, Hillier,
Beck, Vervilla, Carder, J. Harkness, Cress, Tharp, Hays, Cole, Crawford, R.
Smith, Fleming.
A-Main - Kent, Kaeding, Wilskey, Rodriguez, Hodgson, Solwold, Martinez,
Aumen, Yockey, Menard, Adams, Perkins, Crockett, Tiner, Cooper, Barnes,
Morgan, Myska, Fauver, Schmelzle.

The Northwest's finest in
'Action Packed' 360 Sprint Car Racing

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