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posted June 14, 2001 09:54 PM UIN: 16262997

Thorold, Ontario Merrittville Speedway officials recently mailed out Entry forms to all of DIRT's 358 Modified member drivers in preparation for a new and unique Super DIRT Series event.

Monday July 2nd is the date to mark on your racing calendar for a must-see visit to the Thorold Ontario track that is celebrating it's 50th continuous season of DIRT excitement.

" We're probably just as excited about this event as the race teams are," relates (GM) Jim Irvine, adding, " it should be the show of the summer for race fans also."

Being presented by Azurix North America Residuals Management Group - the race date will see the Super DIRT Series event consist of three 50 lap events with a potential winner's share of $30,000 if certain requirements are met.

The initial stages of the event will follow Super DIRT Series guidelines with all race teams qualifying for heat positions through time trials using the mandatory AMB transponder systems. Drivers will qualify for the first 50 lap event from the heats.

Now here is where the event gets interesting. The finish of the first 50 lap event will be inverted to start the second. Any drivers that are not on the track when the checkered flag at lap 50 drops will fill in at the tail of the field if they are able to.

Points will be kept for the first two 50 lap events with the third and final 50 lap event being lined up following overall points.

When the checkered flag signified the end of the third 50 lap event - that finish will be used to determine the final finish of the Azurix North America Triple 50's event.

The race winner will receive $ 20,000 Canadian with a potential $10,000 bonus up for grabs if the race winner won all three 50 lap events. All added up the total purse for the 35 car starting field is $72,000 plus the bonus.

Since 1972, Merrittville Speedway has been holding Super DIRT Series events with a virtual who's who of drivers as previous winners or representatives at the Moody Mile. Originally a Big Block Event the event switched to 358 status some years ago. In the past the Speedway has played host to a single Super DIRT Series event but in the 2001 will host to the new July 2nd date in addition to the Civic Holiday Monday - August 6th running which the following statistics represent:

1972 - Will Cagle/ Ivan Little, 1973 - Lloyd Holt, 1974 - Will Cagle/ Jackie Wilson,

1975 - Davey Moore, 1976 - Gary Iulg, 1977 - Davey Moore, 1978 - Don Turner,

1979 - Davey Moore, 1980 - Alan Johnson, 1981 - Will Cagle, 1982 - Pete Bicknell,

1983 - Danny Johnson/ Jimmy Hatt, 1984 - Danny Johnson/ Charlie Rudolph,

1985 - Bob McCreadie/ Charlie Rudolph, 1986 - Brett Hearn/ Pete Bicknell,

1987 - Jimmy Horton/ Charlie Rudolph, 1988 - Jack Johnson/ Alan Johnson

1989 - Pete Bicknell, 1990 - Danny Johnson/ Davey Moore/ Harry Sittler*,

1991 - Brett Hearn*/ Pete Bicknell, 1992 - Ron Smoker*, 1993 - Steve Paine*,

1994 - Jamie Turner*/ Don McGinnis*, 1995 - Brett Hearn*, 1996 - Danny Johnson*,

1997 - Alan Johnson*, 1998 - Alan Johnson*, 1999 - Danny Johnson*,

2000 - Danny Johnson*

* - denotes 358 winner/representative

Drivers such as Don and Jamie Turner, Alan, Danny and Jack Johnson, Bicknell, Hearn, McCreadie, Horton, Sittler, Smoker and Paine are still active and should be amongst the field attempting to qualify for the Azurix North America Triple 50 event.

Merrittville Speedway is located in Thorold Ontario Canada close to major Southern Ontario centers St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Toronto and a short drive from Western New York.

For further information call 905-892-8266 or visit

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