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Author Topic:   Sarver, PA June 12, 2001
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posted June 13, 2001 05:37 PM UIN: 16262997
Sarver, PA June 12, 2001

School's Out! It was Family Fun Night, Tuesday evening at Don Martin's
Lernerville Speedway, where everyone had their spot in the limelight: Mom &
Dad were in the School Bus Races, Grandpa was in the Zoresco's Equipment
Senior Series and the "kids" were in the Ferraccio Family Markets' Bike
Races. Winning the Summer Vacation School Bus Races was Bob Egley of
Kittanning in the #3 Goodwrench Bat Bus; Highlands school bus driver Cindy
Ehrmantrout of Fawn Township advanced to the "head of the class" in the
Powder Puff School Bus Race, and Dan Bauman, Saxonburg, won his very first
Senior Series victory. The "survivor in the Demo Derby was Andy Bordt of
Sewickley with Brad Gamble placing second.

"Batman" Bob Egley leaves Gotham City for a 15-lap Summer Vacation win in
Sarver's School Bus Races. Egley soared from the fourth spot to overtake Bob
Clepper' #99"Terminator" bus on lap two, and stayed in command for three
laps. On lap four KDKA's Ed Schaefer's bus rolled over. He was not injured
but his bus was expelled from the track. When the race resumed on lap five,
Clepper ranked number one again, holding the lead until lap nine. On lap ten,
approaching lapped traffic; Egley elegantly used the correct line to divide
the competition and rise to the top of the class, remaining there ahead of
Clepper to the checker. Steve Hitrik claimed third and was followed by Bill
Gordon John Myers, Dave Zenbrzuski, Ron Ehrman, Rocket Ron Ehrman, Sammy
Duncan and John Mollick. Gordon, Bill Clepper and Tony Burke were the
qualifying winners.

Danny Bauman beat the best in Senior Series action! Holding the hard
charger Terry Wheeler at bay, Bauman drove an excellent race to win a career
first in the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Zoresco Senior Series. Bauman and
his wife Helen also were celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.
Wheeler was in charge for eight circuits, when Bauman came from seventh to
overtake the top spot on lap ten. Once in front the poised Bauman, who last
raced competitively in 1980, withstood all intimidation to cruise to victory
in the Doug Graham owned racer. Runner-up Wheeler finished ahead of Ed
Bashaar. Don Gamble came from the rear of the field twice to place fourth.
Five through ten went to Sid Haus, Bud Holben, Ron Spangler, William Reges,
**** Curry, and Bob Lupienski. Gamble and Bauman won the heat races.

W.L Roenigk school bus driver Cindy Ehremantrout left Highlands School
District for the season and put her driving skills to the test at
Lernerville. She got an "A" as she collected the Powder Puff School Bus
victory, her career second.
Leading all the way, Ehremantrout drove an impeccable race to defeat Rose
Spithaler, Shirley Garing, and Angela Anthony.

Andy Bordt outlasted a field of twenty-one Demo drivers for the big
From the track
Carol Gamble
Lernerville Speedway Race Results
278 N. Pike Road Sarver, Pa 16055
Phone: 724-353-1511 Fax: 724-353-2650

Date: 6/12/01
Bluebird School Bus Races Feature: Feature Race
Notes: Started: 4

1. Bob Egley, Kittanning Wins: 1 Laps:15

2. Bill Clepper, Freeport
3. Steve Hitrik, Natrona Heights Lap Leaders:
4. Bill Gordon, Dempseytown Bob Clepper 1, 6-9, Egley 2-5, 10-15
5. John Myers, Harmony Bus Qualifying Race Winners:
6. Dave Zenbrzuski, Natrona Heights 1st Heat: Bill
Gordon, Dempseytown
7. Ron Ehrman, Karns City 2nd Heat: Bill Clepper, Freeport
8. "Rocket" Ron Ehrman, Karns City 3rd Heat: Tony
Burke, Sarver
9. Sammy Duncan, Kittanning
10. John Mollick, Apollo
11.Ben Clepper, Freeport
12.Tony Burke, Sarver
13.Mike MC Mike McNeish, Mars
14. Ed Schaefer, Valencia

Powder Puff Bus Race #1: Feature Race Notes:
Started: 4

1. Cindy Ehrmantrout, Fawn Twp. Wins: 1
Laps: 6
2. Rose Spithaler, Harmony
3. Shirley Garing, Butler Lap Leaders:
4. Angela Anthony, Kittanning Ehrmantrout 1-6

Zoresco Equipment Senior Series

1. Dan Bauman, Saxonburg Feature Race Notes:
Started: 7
2. Terry Wheeler, Stoneboro Wins: 1
Laps: 15
3. Ed Bashaar, Cranberry Twp.
4. Don Gamble, Delomont Lap Leaders:
5. Sid Haas, Sarver Wheeler 1-9, Bauman 10-15
6. Bud Holben, Sarver
7. Ron Spangler, Renfrew Senior Series Qualifying Race

8. William Reges, Butler 1st Heat: Don Gamble, Delmont
9. **** Curry, Pittsburgh 2nd Heat: Dan Bauman,
10. Bob Lupienski, Butler
11. James Edwards, Leechburg
12. Ed Carbo, Mars Ed Carbo, Mars
13. Bob McWilliams, Pittsburgh
14.Don Luffy, Karns City
15Gene Pennington, Cheswick
16. Jerry O'Rock, Fombell
17. Don Luffy, Karns City

Demo Derby:
1. Andy Bordt, Sewickley
2. Brad Gamble, Siegel

6/15 "Fab Four" Racing, Ferrante Oldsmobile Night, Modified Challenge '01,
Twin State Auto Racing Club Night
6/22 Holiday Races with Zambelli Fireworks, #1 Cochran Automotive Night and
Fan Appreciation
6/29 "Fab Four" Racing, Purvis Brothers/Pennzoil Night
7/24 (Tues.) Pennzoil World of Outlaws Don Martin Memorial Sprint Show,
Silver Cup X,
$34,000.00 To Win 8:00PM Start (Raindate Wednesday, July 25th)

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