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posted April 10, 2001 02:01 PM UIN: 16262997

APRIL 10, 2001
WEST LEBANON, NY - Mark your calendar now. You will not want to miss this
first time event at Lebanon Valley Speedway. The "Eve of Destruction"
presented by WXXA Fox 23 TV and The Institute for Entrepreneurship will take
place on Monday August 13th at 7:30pm.
The "Eve of Destruction" will be a night filled with all sorts of special
events that are sure to entertain young and old fans alike. One men's and one
ladies cannonball will be on the card with a limited number of entries
accepted for each. Get your entry form in early.
The Paper Bag Race will utilize cannonball legal cars. The driver must
wear a paper bag over his/her helmet and operate the vehicle while the
passenger directs the driver where to steer the car. There is a $15 entry fee
and a purse. Entries will be limited to 15. A prize will be awarded for the
most outrageous sounding horn.
Any racecar or cannonball car will be allowed to enter the Trailer Race.
The object of the Trailer Race is to be the first car with a trailer still
attached across the finish line at the end of the race. If the trailer comes
off the car is disqualified. The Trailer Race has a $20 entry fee and will
pay $500 to win along with purse money for second and third. It is limited to
20 entries.
School Busses will also be tackling the high banks at The "Eve of
Destruction". If you have an old school bus or want to put a team together
and get one this should be a great deal of fun. The School Bus Race will pay
a whopping $1,000 to win. Creative paint jobs and adding decorations to your
bus is encouraged. All decorations must be securely fastened and please no
vulgar or obscene lettering or objects.
You will absolutely flip over our Roll Over Madness event. Small compact
cars will make one attempt at the ramp with the top three making a second
attempt to decide the winner. There is no entry fee and the top three will
receive purse money.
A dual Demolition Derby will be sure to provide lots of smashing and
crashing. On one end of the track a dozen V-8 cars will go at it and at the
same time a dozen 4-cylinder cars will do the same on the other end. The top
two cars left in each demo will then smash-it-up at the start finish line to
determine the overall winner. The top 4 get purse money. No entry fee.
There are many other wild and weird events planned for the first ever
"Eve of Destruction". A Pick-up Truck Tug-O-War and Spin 2 Win race will also
be part of the festivities. Much more info and planned events for the "Eve of
Destruction" will be announced as the date gets closer.
Entry forms and rules for any or all of the "Eve of Destruction" events
are available at the Red Novelty Trailer on the midway, at the pit shack or
by calling the speedway office at (518) 794-9606 or (518) 794-9965. You can
also print them off the website at Most of the events
have a limited number of entries allowed so get register early.

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