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Author Topic:   Big Diamond Raceway will try again to open the racing season on Sunday
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posted April 05, 2001 10:40 PM UIN: 16262997
Big Diamond Raceway will try again to open the racing season on Sunday
afternoon, April 8, at 2 o'clock. Last week's efforts were thwarted by
saturated clay on the inside half of the banked clay oval. Track gates will
open at 11 AM. The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds, NASCAR ShorTrack
Sportsman and NASCAR Roadrunners will be in action with the Modifieds going
25-laps in the feature for a $2000 first prize and the Sportsman now racing
for $600 to win.
This past Sunday's opener was canceled at 1:30 PM, one half hour prior to
the starting time following a drivers meeting during which drivers and track
officials took a look at and walked the track to examine conditions together.
They agreed there was no hope of getting things run in without the help of
any sun or breeze.
46 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modifieds were on hand along with 29
NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman and 17 NASCAR Roadrunners. Line-ups were not
formed so the draw for starting positions will continue on Sunday, Drivers
who already drew this week will not redraw but any newcomers will be able to
draw into the fields from numbers not yet drawn.
All are expected to return plus several not on the grounds last week,
based on phone calls received this week. Those newcomers will still be able
to draw for starting positions as no line-up were actually formed last week.
Modified drivers on hand (46): 00 Doug Manmiller, 1 Jack Hartnett, KB1
Rusty Lesher, X1 Ryan Moyer, 2T Tracy Readinger, 2w Mike Enders, TV2 Bobby
Gunther-Walsh, 3X Ron Mawson, 4 Todd Bashore, 5 Keith Hoffman, 8 Tom
Umbenhauer, 9 Jimmy Hauer, w9 Jeff Strunk, 14 Keith Brightbill, 14B Terry
Meitzler, 18c Craig Whitmoyer, R19 Ron Seltmann, 21K Kyle Weiss, 21T Jason
Andrews, 27 Bob Ebersole, 027 Bruce Williams, 33 Ray Swinehart, 42 Jeff
Sechrist, 44 Gary Hager, 53 Mike Gular, 55 Dennis Bailey, 58 Shawn Reimert,
61 Chip Slocum, 69 Bob Trapper, 70D Barry Readinger, L70 Larry Kelleher, 73
Scott Albert, 77 Jerry Higbie, 81 Randy Bailey, 87 Kerry Kratz, 88 Kevin
Hartnett, 91 Rick Stankiewicz, 101 Kevin Graver, 102 Tim Fitzpatrick, 114
Craig Von Dohren, 126 Duane Howard, 357 Glenn Strunk, 432 Ron Solomon, 505
Mike Bailey, 711 Greg Sarangoulis, and 712 Tom Mayberry.
Sportsman drivers on hand (29): B1 Joe Biasi, 002 Ed Scott, 3 Luke
Wagner, 3x John Patchoski, 7 Rick Hendricks, 8 Brad Force, 12 Carl Lieber, 15
Dale Hartz, M16 Mike Schane, 17 Billy Moyer, 19 Brent Boyer, 21 Chris
Clemens, 21s Steve Symons, 25 John Deatrich, Jr., 26 Tom Brennan, 28 Tom
Solderich, 33 Bobby Yeager, 35 Lance Hoch, 39J Jeff Geake, 47 Gary Wagner,
Jr., J55 John Heckler, 57 Ricky Rutt, 72 Jeff Ebersole, 88X Dave Dissinger,
102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 114 Terry Bensinger, 505 Randy Mohn, 611 Brad Grim and
926 Darren Dreher.
Roadrunner drivers (17): 2 Bill McNeal, 3C Corey Renninger, 4 Willie
Metz, 5 John Ulsh, 7 Steve Fessler, 8 Chris Bowers, 8M Ken Eckert, Jr., 18
Jason Oswald, 19W Derrick Bender, 22 Mike Allar, 25M Marc Berzowski, 51W
Marley Whitcomb, 76 Buck Crossley, 77 Barry Schrader, 77x Kirby Schlappich,
85 Chris Eckert and 117 Marty Schappell

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