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posted April 04, 2001 11:18 PM UIN: 16262997

APRIL 3, 2001
WEST LEBANON, NY - The 2001-racing season is nearly here and we anticipate
another great season here at Lebanon Valley. We are happy to announce a
special program we are initiating this year for the Pro Stock division. This
program will increase the winners portion of the purse to $400 and pay the
regular purse back with second place paying $200 and so on.
Here's how the program will work. The speedway will put together a small
sponsorship package for the Pro Stock drivers to sell for $400 to cover the
winner's portion of the purse. For every package sold up to the first five
the speedway will match. The sponsor package will include 2 Tower roof passes
for the night of sponsorship, Public Address announcements by our announcers
during the night and winner's circle ceremonies for the Pro Stock feature.
Currently **** Belly Bob's and Capital Speed Equipment have signed up for
this new program and the speedway will match those two races. This leaves
three races to sell that the speedway will match bringing the total $400 to
win races to ten. If more than three more sponsors sign on for this program
we will spread the $400 to win races out over the season.
St. Lawrence Cement has also expressed an interest and will be letting us
know and **** Belly Bob's may do a second date later in the season. The
program will start in June run for as many dates as we have sponsorship.
This program will help increase the purse money available to the Pro
Stock division. The number of nights this will be available is up to the Pro
Stock drivers. We only need three more sponsors to fill the five dates that
the speedway will match giving you 10 dates which will pay $400 to win.
If you are interested in participating in this sponsorship program you can
contact your favorite Pro Stock driver or call the speedway office at (518)
794-9606 or (518) 794-9965. The office is open Monday through Friday from
10am till 5pm.
SPECIAL NOTE PIT PARKING: Under supervision from Chief Pit Steward Harry
Millard we will allow the Pro Stocks to park their haulers in the pits for
the majority of the 2001 season. This will require co-operation from
everyone. The exceptions will be the Saturday nights the 358 Modifieds are on
the schedule, May 26, June 9, July 7 and September 1. Visit us on the web at


APRIL 4, 2001
WEST LEBANON, NY - Over the past several years Lebanon Valley Speedway has
seen the popularity of its Cannonball Run events expand greatly. The
Cannonball Run is the perfect way to get involved in auto racing at a
reasonable cost. It is open to All-American made automobiles with a wheel
base of 106 inches minimum. Convertibles, 4-wheel drive vehicles and station
wagons will not be allowed.
There are several other safety rules that must be followed and they are
listed on the official Cannonball Run entry form. Entry forms can be obtained
by calling the speedway office.
Here's how the Cannonball Run works. Competitors submit an entry form in
advance and pay a $25 entry fee. When the cars arrive at the speedway they
are inspected and the driver checks in with the Cannonball official. The
driver then draws a number that represents their starting position in the
race. Number one starts on the pole and etceteras.
Normally between 45 and 50 cars will start a Cannonball Run race. The
cars race for 40 laps or 30 minutes which ever comes first. The top five
finishers receive purse money awarded from the entry fees and the top ten are
awarded trophies.
The 2001-racing schedule at Lebanon Valley includes a number of
Cannonball Run events. The first two weeks April 14 and 21 each will include
one Cannonball Run with a third on May 12. The ladies get their first chance
to tackle the "Super Dirt Speedway" on June 16.
Speed's Garage and **** 's Automotive will once again be bringing us two
night's including Cannonball Run events this season. Thursday July 26 and
Saturday September 15 with the September date featuring a $1,000 to win
Cannonball Run.
The Cannonball Run competitors do their best to put on a great show for
the Lebanon Valley fans. Be sure to check them out the next time you come to
the speedway or if you have ever wanted to go racing yourself call the
speedway office and we will be happy to send you the rules. Be part of the

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