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Author Topic:   Half Mountain Speedway Prepares for its Inaugural Season
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posted March 04, 2001 07:35 PM UIN: 16262997
Half Mountain Speedway Prepares for its Inaugural Season

A few years ago one man had a dream to build a dirt track facility in
Eastern Kentucky. After searching long and hard for the place to make this
a reality, it finally happened, a place located 2 miles south of Royalton
Ky came up for sale. So this man made the trip to the place called Half
Mountain and hasn't looked back since that day. After purchasing the land
that seemed to be formed and shaped just for a racetrack he immediately
began construction on his dream. After two and a half years of planning and
lots of hard work, he is now only a couple of months away from turning his
dream from fantasty to reality. This dream could possibly change dirt track
racing in Eastern Kentucky forever.

Jim Branham is the man with that dream. Jim is a highly successful
businessman that lives in Martin Ky. He is no stranger to dirt track
racing. In the mid-sixtys and early-seventys Jim owned and drove his own
mud slinging hotrods on many local tracks and that love and desire for dirt
track racing has never abandoned Jim through the years. Having a great
desire to have his own track Jim has worked very hard to become financially
able to pursue his dream. Half Mountain Speedway is the result of that

Half Mountain Speedway can only be described in one way "FAST". This track
measures 4/10th mile with wide sweeping turns at 20 degree banking. The 100
ft. wide racing surface should provide plenty of door to door racing at full
throttle speeds with plenty of room for the drivers to remain safe but put
on a great show.

Jim has enlisted some great help on this project. A five-member committee
has been formed consisting of two former drivers and a former track
promoter/flagman and two knowledgeable race fans. The committee has been
meeting every two weeks making plans and finalizing rules for the track and
organizing what needs to be done next as opening day quickly approaches.

The committee's main goal is to make sure that the fans are treated to the
best show possible. Also to provide rules and regulations that will be
enforced to make sure that all competitors will have a fair and safe
enviroment to compete in.

Half Mountain Speedway is located south of Salyersville, Ky. on Rt. 7.
North of Garrett, Ky. 20 Miles West of Prestonsburg, Ky. 50 miles east of
Clay City, Ky.

The payouts in each division will definitely attract some of the best
drivers not only in Eastern Kentucky but also from around the country each
week. The payouts in the six divisions are among the best in the country.

Probably the most popular division is the Late Models. Late Models will run
for $2,000 to win with the top three receiving money that is over $1,000.
When race fans see this division of Late Models use every inch of the 100 ft
wide racing surface running at top speeds they will see why Late Models rule
the dirt racing world.

The Modified division is without question the most paid anywhere in the
country with the winner taking home $1,000 for a regular show. This will
bring modified drivers from all over the country each and every week to try
to capture the hefty $1,000 top prize with second capturing $500 which is
the top pay for modified at most tracks around the country. With such a
great payout bringing in some very large car counts in this always wild and
exciting division, the Modified races would be worth the price of admission

Super Bomber Division will pay $600 to win which is competitive with any
track in the area and most in the state. The Super Bombers in this area are
as competitive as any division in Eastern Kentucky.

Bomber division will pay $400 to win which is a great payout for the bombers
in this area. In this ultra competitive class this will be a great class to

Both Road Hogs and 4-Cylinders will each run for a $200 to win feature.
These are very popular divisions in Eastern Kentucky and should bring good
car counts and with $200 on the line look for some awesome racing on the 100
ft. wide high banks of Half Mountain Speedway.

A full run down of rules and payouts for each division is available at the
official website of Half Mountain Speedway at

Half Mountain Speedway is preparing for their first practice of the season
weather permitting sometime around the first of April. Information about the
practice will be posted on the website as soon as the date is set.

Half Mountain Speedway is preparing for a Mid-May opening date but a lot
depends on weather and how much work gets done in the next couple of months.
Jim and Track Officials do not want to rush into a season unprepared.
This would not be fair to the fans or the drivers. Taking this in
consideration officials are taking their time making sure everything is
right not only for the track but also the fans and the drivers alike. The
potential Half Mountain Speedway holds is incredible with already one of the
best payouts in the state, plenty of parking, plenty of seating, and
plenty of ideas on the horizon. With support of fans and racers and good
management from Track Officials, Half Mountain Speedway can truely be "A

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