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Author Topic:   USAF Sprint
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posted January 07, 2001 06:20 PM
I am Michael Oliver, SSgt, USAF I am working with the Head Quarters Air Force Recruiting Service (HQAFRS) to test a new marketing tool to promote the Air Force to new recruits and boost the moral of the current enlisted members. I have been given the unique opportunity to use motorsports as a marketing tool to promote the Air Force. This is going to be run as a regional test program but we will be running a couple of nationally televised events. We are building a sprint car to race in the Virginia Sprint Series and a couple of televised World of Outlaw events. We will be racing at tracks in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

We are trying to offer your businesses the opportunity to become marketing partners with our team. There are countless reasons why this will be beneficial but the most important is the publicity that our team will be receiving. We also have the permission to display our car on several of the military bases in the local area. This provides your company the opportunity to show support for the local community as well publicize your business.

We have currently signed with A&M Cleaning Products the makers of Greased Lightning as a marketing partner. The potential for this program is endless as we will be producing T-shirts with all the marketing partners on them as well as race cards that will be handed out to the fans. As you are aware not all marketing partners need to be financial contributors we are asking for you support but this may be able to come in a multitude of ways.

As our team is built of members of the armed services this is also a way to show support for the individuals that make the sacrifices need daily to keep this country free. This also regrettably doesn't allow us to be funded by the Air Force, as we are members of the military. We are dedicated professionals that are trying to promote the military that many of us have dedicated our lives too. I would like to further talk to you about this great opportunity and how we can help each other. I would like to show you how this program can help you bring the attention to your business that you desire.

Very Respectfully

Michael R. Oliver, SSgt, USAF
Oliver Motorsports

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