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posted January 02, 2001 09:23 PM UIN: 16262997

APPLE CREEK,OH--- Noted The National Network (TNN) broadcaster Brad Doty won't find much downtime this winter as he is preparing to embark on a three week trip to Australia where he will work as a television broadcaster along side Wade Aunger on the popular television program, WORLD OF SPEEDWAY, broadcast on the FOXTEL network. The duo will be announcing a variety of Sprint Car events from Australia, most notably the "51st Annual Australian Speedcar Grand Prix sponsored by Rondalee" on January 26 & 27 and the highly anticipated "Gough & Gilmour CAT" $50,000 to win event held on February 2 & 3. In addition, Doty will be a special guest for the annual "Harbour Cruise" held the night prior to the "51st Annual Australian Speedcar Grand Prix".

Doty journeyed to the land down under two years ago, going solo, but this time around he will be accompanied by his 14 year old son, Braden.

"I'm really looking forward to going back to Australia," commented Doty. “My son, Braden, and I are going and we're leaving January 17. We'll be over there for three weeks. And it's definitely a dream come true for both of us. Braden is really into geography and especially animals from all over the world. He has really studied animals since he was really little. And to go to Australia and see some wildlife will be awesome and hopefully we'll see some kangaroos in the wild. Almost every other day he's been asking me more and more questions the closer the time gets."

Doty is also looking forward to all the television work he will be doing while down under. He relishes the opportunity to further hone and refine his craft as a broadcaster.

"A guy named Wade Aunger is the Public Relations Director for Parramatta City Raceway near Sidney and he works for David Landers, the promoter, and also has a weekly television show," said Doty. "They call it the WORLD OF SPEEDWAY show. They don't call it dirt track racing or oval racing over there, it's speedway racing. And his show covers all forms of motorsports. It's similar to TNN's RACEDAY. So I'll be doing these shows with him and I'll
also be doing what they call the World Series of Sprints, which is sort of like our World of Outlaws."

"It's a national series they televise. So I'll be in the studio doing voice-overs for some of these races, too. Then they have a televised midget race that I'll be working. And also, the big finale which is the Gough and Gilmour $50,000 to win race at Parramatta City Raceway that will be live. So I'll be doing quite a bit of TV it looks like. Plus I have some book signings
and autograph sessions lined up. So it looks like a busy schedule for the full three weeks."

But he will still make sure he and his son have their own time. He has taken steps to ensure that.

"Somewhere in there my son and I will get out," said Doty. "I've got a car lined up with hand controls so Braden and I can get out for a day or two and do some sightseeing. A little bonding time! (laughs)!"

When Doty returns from Australia he will have only a short time until his 2001 season begins on The National Network (TNN) broadcasts of 18 Pennzoil World of Outlaw races. 2001 will see TNN's broadcasts of Pennzoil World of Outlaws races expand from 15 to 18 different broadcasts. And in addition to more events, Doty also is looking forward to a new partnership of sorts.

"I'll be in the booth with Eli Gold next year," stated Doty. "I don't know Eli other than from his work. I just met him in Las Vegas at the end of last season and he seems like a real nice guy. I have to compare it to racing, I'm still driving for the same race team, I just have a new crew
chief. I have to learn his personality and he has to learn mine and we just have to make this a good team. I sure don't see any problem."

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