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Author Topic:   Tucson Kart Club
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posted October 16, 2000 02:33 PM UIN: 16262997
On Sunday, October 8th, the Tucson Kart Club definitely felt the weather
coming from one of our southern sea hurricanes. The drivers were not
deterred by the wind and dirt that covered their faces. A full day of
racing was enjoyed by all. The results are as follows:

In Junior I - 2 Cycle, Justin Woolison and Jason Smith were strong off the
start. However, Woolison spun out in the first lap, placing him far enough
behind Smith and veteran Ricky McGuire that he was unable to regain his
position and came in third across the finish line. Smith placed first and
McGuire placed second. Brandy Edwards placed fourth.

Travis Hooper and Ryan Olm took a strong lead in Junior II - 4 Cycle. It
was bumper to bumper action for these two throughout the event. Hooper
managed first with Olm close behind in second. Although, it was heads up
action for all drivers in this event. It was tight between James Chavez
and R.C. Whitwell for third place in the first quarter, until Gary
Goodrich, Corey Hosler, and Paul Gastreich, overtook Chavez and Whitwell.
Gastreich came in third, Hosler was fourth, and Goodrich placed fifth.

Yamaha Heavy experienced a restart after the first lap. Bobby Collister
and Norm Scheopner were bumper to bumper all the way. Collister finished
first and Scheopner second. There was also tight racing between Kim Acorn,
Andy North, and Steve Hupp, placing third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Super Stock reduced their main event to ten laps due to low participation.
David Dobias took a strong lead ahead of Mark Engle and Ben Huddleston, who
placed second and third.

Yamaha Light was exciting all the way. Pat Eggman started strong ahead of
Jason Munday and Brian Acorn, who closed the gap in the second half of the
event. Munday and Eggman were side by side in the last lap, even as Eggman
spun out across the finish line. Munday did manage first place while
Eggman finished in a stylish second. Acorn placed third. Racing was also
tight between Pat Arnold and Allan Tyler. Both drove hard with Arnold
placing fourth and Tyler fifth.

In Over 40, Steve Hupp and Richard Malone battled for first position in the
first lap. Hupp held first until he got caught high on the back straight
and both Hupp and Malone were passed by Bruce Hille. Hille came in first,
with Hupp placing second and Malone third. John Porter was in fourth
position until he was black flagged for a broken bumper. Rookie Tom Butler
came in fourth.

The Junior II - 2 Cycle class is by far one of the most competitive group
of racers. With 14 karts in the class, there probably has not been one
race this season where they did not attempt 14 wide in the first turn. In
this event, Jeremy Payne was one driver caught spinning in the first turn.
Casey Porter was too close behind to avoid Payne and launched himself off
of Payne's kart. Neither driver suffered injuries and Payne was able to
maintain his position and place second across the finish line. Veteran
R.C. Whitwell finished first, while Jeremy Huebner placed third and Kyle
Hille came in fourth.

With veteran Greg Payne not competing in Senior Sportsman this event, there
was close racing between Jason Payne, Scott Curtis, Susan Porter, and Bucky
Bell. Positions were swapped many times throughout the event. Payne,
following in his father's tracks, finished first, while Curtis finished
second, Porter third, and Bell fourth.

Adult 4 Cycle Stock, Med
1 Colin Germain, 77
2 Eddie McComb, 9
3 Ryan Gastreich,12
4 Donnie Tuthill, 96
5 Tom Sickels, 1
6 Andy Williams, 6
7 Glen Lettrell, 69
8 Lynn Olm, 2

Super Stock
1 David Dobias, 29
2 Mark Engle, 47
3 Ben Huddleston, 71

Yamaha Heavy
1 Bobby Collister, 44
2 Norman Scheopner, 41
3 Kim Acorn, 14
4 Andy North, 50
5 Steve Hupp, 24
6 Tyler Meiggs, 4
7 Buck Andrews, 23

Speedway Midgets
1 Dallas Caldwell, Jr., 5
2 John Gray, 68
3 Dallas Caldwell, Sr., 6
4 Bill Hoffman, 93

Yamaha Light
1 Jason Munday, 83
2 Pat Eggman, 82
3 Brian Acorn, 14
4 Pat Arnold, 7
5 Allan Tyler, 35
6 Ken Keppler, 4

Senior Sportsman
1 Jason Payne, 86
2 Scott Curtis, 19
3 Susan Porter, 16
4 Bucky Bell, 33
5 David Dobias, 21

Yamaha Over 40
1 Bruce Hille, 8
2 Steve Hupp, 24
3 Richard Malone, 22
4 Tom Butler, 4
5 Wayne Tuthill, 96
6 John Porter, 54

1 Corey Hosler, 5
2 ?????, 4
3 Bill Hutto, 8
4 Robert Stewart, 57
5 Terry Spurr, 24

JrII/4Cycle, Lt
1 Travis Hooper, 07
2 Ryan Olm, 2
3 Paul Gastreich, 12
4 Corey Hosler, 99
5 Gary Goodrich, 00
6 Daniel Hutto, 8
7 RC Whitwell, 9
8 James Chavez, 94

JrII/4Cycle, Hy
1 Kelly Germain, 77
2 Travis Hooper, 07
3 Ryan Olm, 2
4 Michelle Patterson, 7
5 Corey Hosler, 99
6 Gary Goodrich, 00
7 Daniel Hutto, 8
8 RC Whitwell, 9
9 James Chavez, 94

1 RC Whitwell, 96
2 Jeremy Payne, 86
3 Jeremy Huebner, 70
4 Kyle Hille, 18
5 Ryan Raub, 11
6 A.J. Huebner, 07
7 Casey Porter, 08
8 Bucky Andrews, 23
9 Zach Fry, 27
10 James Curtis, 19
11 Steven Smith, 24
12 Nathaniel Stevens, 4
13 Micah Pierce, 89
14 Amber Stewart, 14

1 Cody Cambensy, 51
2 Cameron Gall, 5
3 Michael Colegrove, 17
4 Wesley Ott, 21
5 Sean Wilson, 99
6 Kyle Sweeney, 55
7 Matt Sams, 24
8 Kyle Bush, 30
9 Taylor Gall, 90
10 Koty McGullam, 44

1 Jason Smith, 3
2 Ricky McGuire, 86
3 Justin Woolison, 1
4 Brandy Edwards, 87
5 Stacy Payne, 94

The Club's last race of the season will be held on Sunday, October 22nd,
gates opening at 9:00 a.m. and races beginning at 11:00 a.m.

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