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Author Topic:   World 100/Eldora Million Information
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posted September 03, 2000 07:58 AM
Tickets for the World 100 ($38, reserved) and Eldora Million ($87, reserved) remain available by calling the track office at (937) 338-3815 between 9 and 5, Monday - Friday......Just a reminder that ATV's are no longer permitted on any campgroud surrounding Eldora Speedway. Golf carts are currently permitted, but could be placed on the 'endangered species' list if that privilege is abused....Coolers are still permitted to be carried in (14", with no glass bottles); however, we must remind you that the Ohio Liquor Laws prohibit the carry in or out of alcoholic beverages to a permit premise. Eldora's permit premise is everything inside the gates....Turn one camping for the World 100 will begin Sunday, Sept. 3 for folks coming to that night's race and then again at 8:00, 12:00, 6:00 daily up to the World 100.....Turn one camping for the USAC 4 Crown will begin Wednesday, Sept. 27......The dates for next year's major events HAVE NOT been determined as of yet - once they are, they will be PROPERLY listed on this website as well as within the various trade papers......Look for an earlier date for the Awards Banquet this year - possibly in December.......KYLE SAUDER continues to recover at home, following his accident of Aug. 12. Pins have been set in his broken leg and within a few weeks, he will have to go back for a bone graft. Get well cards may be received at 107 S. Defiance St. - Archbold, OH 43502.......RUSTY McCLURE is also recoving from his devastating crash this spring. He continues to take therapy. Cards to Rusty may be sent to 75 High Street, Route 6 - Ashland, OH 44805.

Sunoco American Late Model Series / UMP Modifieds / Eldora Stock Cars
ADULT GENERAL ADMISSION ONLY $10 (ages 13 - 15, $7 ages 7 - 12, $3)
Gates Open 4:30 Practice 6:30 Racing 8:00

WORLD 100 - September 8 & 9, 2000
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
inspect cars 5:00 9:00
ticket sales 6:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 9:00 9:00
close gates 12:00 1:00
open gates 1:30 2:30
qualifying 7:00
racing 7:00
note: all times are subject to change or revision
reserved seating: all grandstand/all N & S bleachers/boxes/patio
ages 16 & up $38
ages 13-15 $25
ages 7 - 12 $12
pit passes $40
add $2 per reserved seat

Current Big E Club Point Standings: (as of Aug. 23, 2000)
1)Scott Orr-375 2)Gary Richards-332 3)Nick Rosselit-302 4)Dave McWilliams-297 5)Ron Perrine, Jr.-296 6)Shaun Smith-288 7)Rob Trent-275 8)Mike Brecht-265 9)Warren Shingleton-262 10)Davey Gantt-243 11)Steve Miller & Kerry Norris-221 13)Jeff Harris & David Mills-216 5)Chris Ullery-205 16)Rob Williams-198 17)Doug Holdheide-186 18)Todd Reynolds-177 19)Jeff Eley & Jim Haager-160

Stock Cars:
1)Barney Craig-351 2)Scott Bowersock-348 3)Mark Kowarsch-342 4)Tony Anderson-304 5)Bob Kaffenberger-296 6)Bob Burch-288 7)Randy Herron-286 8)Jerry Butler-281 9)Doug Matheny-279 10)Randy Stephens-265 11)Glenn Knick-275 12)Mike Dirksen-256 13)Ernie Woodard-237 14)John Phlipot-228 15)Tim Cornett-215 16)Todd Sanders-210 17)Rob Trent--199 18)Ron Moore-182 19)Jim Rinderle-172 20)Greg Knoch-162

Late Models:
1)Jerry Bowersock-131 2)Matt Miller-130 3)Greg Johnson and Brian Ruhlman-122 5)Kris Patterson-115 6)Audie McWilliams-11 7)Randy Woodling-107 8)Bill Hahn-92 9)Curtis Roberts-90 10)Rick DeLong-88 11)Terry Sroufe-86 12)Jerry Rice-85 13)Jesse Lay-80 14)Justin Paxton and Shane Yoder-78 16)Sammie Halcomb-75 17)Hillard Miller-73 18)John Lawhorn & Dennis Potridge-60 20)Tony Marks-55

NRA Sprints: FINAL
1)Tim Allison-313 2)Mike Brecht-293 3)Kyle Sauder-268 4)Mark Long-264 5)Bobby Clark-260 6)Darren Long-255 7)Dwain Leiber-253 8)Kent Wolters-231 9)J.R. Stewart-226 10)Dennis Yoakam-218 11)Jim Dayton-196 12)Mike Lotz-195 13)Jim Burgoon-190 14)Jeff Hoying & Greg Wilson-181

1)Kenny Jacobs-253 2)Ed Lynch, Jr.-211 3)Kevin Huntley-191 4)Dean Jacobs-157 5)Jim Nier-146 6)Phil Gressman-124 7)Steve Suever-118 8)Greg Wilson-108 9)Kent Wolters-95 10)Danny Smith-90 11)Jason Dukes-84 12)Brian Carlson-75 13)Nick Naber and Butch Schroeder-35 15)Kyle Sauder-30

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