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Author Topic:   NO HANDA(S)!!!!!!!!
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posted January 14, 2003 11:11 PM
NO HANDA(S)!!!!!!!!
All the local tracks in the area had a meeting and got rid of Handa and Acura, sweet! They couldnt find all the proformance parts so they ran the top end or 80mph on a 1/4mi track. For 3 years they ran away from everyone, its time they do something. other tracks have already tried this and possibly in your area but i guess rwd mustangs run the show.... crap, i have a probe.. we'll see!

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posted February 08, 2003 12:25 AM
I don't think that splitting the 4cyl classes or banning any make of car is the answear.
Maybe a year limit of 1990 and older would be better.
I do know, If people would leave the Hondas and Accuras STOCK, I would not be such an issue.
Most of them are fast cars with out the mods and anyone can get one if they want to.
I ran an 88 Accord last year, and was very disappointed with it. There were also the stock older CRX's that ran in the back of the pack.
I agree something needed to be done about 11, 00, 42, 8 and others. But it is not only the Hondas & Accuras, have you ever listened to #5? That mustang sounds like a modified, and nothing ever gets done about it, we even told one of the officials to go listen to it and smell the cam 2 coming out of the exhaust but nothing was done about it.
Why should I have to take my slow *** Accord and get lapped by the cheaters, what fun will that be? Just because I have a Honda, even a slow one, I have to race with the illegal ones? Not fair.
The car claim rule does work, if you can find some one who will use it. It got 42 out of Cresco last year.
There will always be a make of car that dominates in every class, usually GM in the other classes, and imports will porbably rule the stock 4cyl. class. Most guys will also try to stretch the boundries of "stock" to see what they can get away with. But why anyone would spend over 5 grand on a car to go out and win $100, just seems stupid to me.

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posted February 16, 2003 09:39 PM
WE run with HONDAS and have no problem. out running them. I run a pinto body 2300 engine 40 over flat tops mid range cam we just set up better then most( dial it in)

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posted February 16, 2003 09:51 PM UIN: 348044304
The guy i bought my car from went broke building the motor in this car. he has JE pistons crowere cam rods crank been bored 0.30 had the head shipped off to Lousiana to a off shore boat racing place and had chevy V-8 valves put in it dual valve springs been shaved milled everything you can think of crazy money. We just got done redoing the cage almost cut 350 pounds off it. But never been beat by a honda. I dont know why people complain about them.

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posted March 02, 2003 03:34 PM
LOL.... Hondas. Well guys, Ill give you a hint. The fastest way to get em off the track, run after em with an Escort GT or a EXP. Anyone wanna chat about some really cool mods for em that will turn your car into an *import killer* feel free to email me


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posted March 27, 2003 10:38 PM
Talk about an import killer!! that is the turn 4 wall at 55 on a dry slick track! $ucks that it was only practice!! Got to go get the hammer and get ready for this weekend....

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