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Author Topic:   Need temp. housing in Concord, NC
Dirt Roller

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posted January 30, 2001 09:43 PM
Hey All,

I'm going to be relocating to Concord, NC at the beginning of June and starting work there and I need to find a place to stay temporarily until I find a place for my wife and kids to come up also. It would just be me and whatever I can fit in my truck (Half of which will be my toolbox and other stuff for work). I'm hoping to find someone with a motorhome or travel trailer in their driveway that I could rent for a few weeks (on your property) while I work during the day and look for a residence at night. I'm clean, quiet and wouldn't disturb you or your neighbors at all. The family and I will be coming up at the end of Feb. to look around.
Can anyone help? Please email me at and we can discuss the details.

Thanks and Take care!!


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