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Author Topic:   pro4-minilate model races
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posted September 13, 2000 07:49 PM
We hav about 15 minilatemodel,s at are track each week.Some of us are looking for some bigger races.Are track pays well,interrested in all major events.We are in northwest not a problem,most of us run esslinger motors.Help if you can thanks!!!!!!!!!

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posted September 13, 2000 08:47 PM UIN: 16262997
Where exactly do you live here in Arky?

rebel yell
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posted September 14, 2000 08:28 PM
you're aout of luck in most parts of alabama. i know of no track that has that class. they've tried to get the class going and they could only get 3 or 4 cars so they wouldnt keep running them and the tracks would try to put them with the 4 cyl mods and these drivers didnt think its fair to run them together. so i think theres about 5 cars stting in garages collecting dust. would like to see this class thrive but so far it hasnt. good luck.

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posted October 18, 2000 09:30 PM
We race these cars in S.E. Louisiana. We have anywhere from 8-10 cars every Sat. night. THe only big race left is the track championship race on Oct 27 and 28. The last big race paid $425 or $450 to win. I'm not sure about the payout for this one but I will find out this Sat. night(Oct.21). What kind of tires do ya'll run?

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