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Author Topic:   a different kind of track
rebel yell
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posted August 23, 2000 08:49 PM
i just cant sat and not tell you racers out there about a track in east mississippi that appears to be different.
i raced at winston county speedway in louisville miss friday night or tried to race. the track owners are paul and susan ware. i just want everyone to know that i have never been treated like that before at a track. im talking unreal. i went over there because they were paying wxtra in the 4 banger class. i tore my car up on the 7th lap of the heat. at most tracks i wouldnt have received any money. they did pay 10 dollars for tow money i assumed. there was only eight cars in the class so i guess they scored me as #8. any way they called on sat and said they payed me wrong and they owed me 40 dollars. of course i didnt argue with
so today i received the forty and a note saying they was sorry i tore my car up and 40 wasnt much help and they would send me a couple of pitpasses when she could find them. i dont know about the rest of yall but thats a different kind of track. this is their first year of running a track and i know they have been like that all year. one rain out night we were going over there and we didnt because its a hundred miles for us and it was raining hard but they run with 18 cars in the pits and didnt cut the purse. im not a big fan of the track because its falt and the clay needs something and our luck hasnt been that good over there but i give my a okay to the wares. i just had to say that.

rebel yell racing
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posted August 24, 2000 09:03 PM
Reble, one of our tracks here treats us the sameway,rain-outs everyone gets 25.00 buck weather we got on the track or not plus a raincheck. I've seen the promter give a guy 50.00 buck after he rolled in hot laps.the other track the promoter there will screw you any chance he gets. One nite last October he bumped up the price of coffee to 3.00 bucks a cup when it got down to 40 degrees. he charges 25.00 to get in the pits and if you don't take the green in the feature you don't get paid a penny. Most of the guys I race with go to the crappy promoters track , why, because the big name late modle drivers race to make a long story short I support those who support me, good promoter are like chickens teeth. If there are anymore out there I would love to hear about them.

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posted August 25, 2000 02:28 AM
In Fernly NV there is a track called the Reno-Fernly raceway. I'll tell you that was the best track I have ever raced at. It was a 230 mile pull for me,but I WILL be back there. I pulled into the track, and the entry fee $20 for car and driver. All pit was $10. The racing was a 10 car field. My teammate won the feature and I took third. All though the payouts weren't great, the facility is outstanding. I asked if my car got hot where could I cool it down. One of the volunteers said "I don't know let me go see". About five minutes latter he came back and took me to the place to cool the car. Most of the tracks I race at they usually say Go ask someone else. After the races were done they threw a pit party. They had a live band, and all the free food you can eat. Not to mention $1 beer. That was the best I have ever been treated in the 5 years I have been racing. By the way , my teammate won $80 and I won $40. Like I said The money wasn't great but good people and good experiences go a long way with me. LOL to the Reno-Fernly Raceway. IF YOUR SIDEWAYS YOU GOTTA TURN RIGHT!!!

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