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Author Topic:   west plains Mo
Dirt Maniac

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posted December 12, 2002 04:57 PM
If you guys have not heard alreaddy that live around there. West Plains will be running mini-stocks on sundays. They will start hot laps around 130. They also will have a pure stock class for kids 13-16 i believe. Bobby

Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 12, 2002 07:16 PM
Does West Plains have a web site for more details and rules?

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 12, 2002 10:18 PM
They have posted the rules and payout on under mini stock.

Dirt Administrator

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posted December 12, 2002 10:39 PM UIN: 16262997
Here are the rules.


1. No traction - control devices in any class, period!
2. All points will go to the driver, not the car!

3. Anytime a car or driver is disqualified, car and driver will have to start tailback in heats and feature for the following two (2) weekly races.
4. Drinking or misconduct such as fighting could result in suspension of car and entire crew. The management reserves the right to refuse entry of any car, and entrance to anyone be they driver, car owner or crew member who refuses to abide by the rules and the usual policy of conducting auto races.
5. For pit admission, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parental consent signed by parents or legal guardian. Drivers must be at least 16 years old and have signed parental consent, if under the age of 18.

6. The management reserves the right to change the race program or rules at any time to improve the racing program.
7. Any point or rule not covered herein shall be decided by track officials and management at the necessary time and SHALL BE FINAL!!!
8. Approved racing helmets are mandatory with a "Snell" rating of at least 85. Firesuits are required by all classes.
9. All cars must be equipped with approved safety belts, no standard auto safety belts will be allowed. Shoulder harness is mandatory. All belts must be fastened to the frame and roll cage.
10. Windshield openings must have a minimum of three 14/" steel rods in front of the driver.

11. All cars will have a front and rear bumper at a reasonable height for pushing and must have a chain or steel loop device attached to the center of the chassis, from and rear, to provide time efficient wrecker removal. Otherwise officials will use their best judgment for efficient track clearing.
12. Drivers register as they come through the pit gate. It is NOT the track's responsibility to make sure a driver has signed in. Track officials are not allowed to register for any driver for any reason. All lineups will be made at designated time. If you wish to run tailback for the night, you must tell the officials when you sign in. If any car does not lineup for a race, all other cars will move straight forward in the lineups.

13. Race order and lineups will be posted on the Lineup Board in the pit area. It is the driver's responsibility to know his position. All races will be aligned on the staging pad. Drivers will be called to lineup on staging pad by officials. Qualified cars are to be in correct lineup and ready to start the race before entering track, or officials are empowered to place the car tailback.
14. The pole care should start the race, however this WILL BE at a reasonable speed. It does not give them the right to keep the pace so slow that the cars behind are loaded up and about to kill their engines. Flagman may give you the pick up speed signal. If this signal is disregarded, the flagman may start the race at any time OR put that car in the rear. This includes single file restarts. It is up the the two lead cars to set an even pace so that the race is started evenly. If this cannot be done in the first two attempts because one car or the other attempts to get a jump or bog down the other cars, the flagman, at his discretion, may put one or both cars to the rear.
16. Any disputes or protests must go through the pit officials. It must be done within 10 minutes after posting the finish. Only the car owner or driver will be allowed to protest. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

17. Any unauthorized participant, including pit crew member, entering flagman's stand, judge's box, or restricted office area will cause driver to be disqualified and lose points and money for the entire night. DRIVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CREW AND FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Any person causing or becoming involved in any unsportsmanlike behavior, including stopping on the race track to argue or protest will be suspended for the length of time set forth by the management and/or be subjected to a fine that would be put into a points fund.
18. Absolutely no race cars, tow trucks or pit crews in the infield unless directed there by track officials.
19. Pit crews MUST stay in the pit area. If a car is on the track or the entrance or exit area of the track, and a crew member touches the car in any manner, the car can be disqualified.
20. All drivers, crews, etc., must attend Driver's Meeting when announced, complete safety and additional procedures will be thoroughly discussed and brought to every participants attention.
21. A Driver's Meeting will be called only when deemed necessary, but when one is called, any drier that does not attend forfeits any protest or discussion rights for that night.
22. Anyone sustaining injury in the competition area must report the injury to the pit office by the end of the night's program. Reporting after leaving the track will void benefits. NO EXCEPTIONS.
23. IT is compulsory for ALL PERSONS who enter the pit area to sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. If you have not signed this form and are injured, you will not be covered by the track's insurance. NO EXCEPTIONS. We assume that you have read this form when you sign it. All items (including tools, tow vehicles, races cars, etc.,) are taken into the pit area at the owner's risk and are NOT the responsibility of the management in any way, shape or form.
24. Scoring officials will only discuss procedures, finishes and points with the competing drivers of a particular race. The officials have the authority to disqualify a car even after the race, if family members, car owner or pit crew causes problems for them.
25. The officials will gladly discuss anything with the DRIVER ONLY!
26. All cars in classes in which weight, cubic inches, tires, carburetors or inspection rules are applied, plus any car questioned and the driver notified, must go straight to the designated inspection area or scale station with NO stops in the pit area or elsewhere. Failure to go directly to the inspection or scale area will result in disqualification and the money and points earned that night will be forfeited.
27. The top three (3) finishers, at a minimum, will be thoroughly checked after the race(s).
28. Harassment of pit officials will not be tolerated. Such action WILL result in suspension.
29. Special events may be governed by different rules. If so, amendments will be given on flyers for the event and/or at the driver's meeting.
30. If for any reason a race is run short or long the race is officially over then the checkered flag falls.
31. COURTESY RULE: Any car racing from another track with minor rule differences may, at official's discretion, race on that night, but will be notified of any necessary modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to the track on a regular race night.
32. Now two-way radios will be allowed.
33. All cars should be numbered with large legible numbers on both doors and on top. Numbers on door of car should be in contrasting color from body, and should be at least 24" high. Top numbers should be at least 24" high and also contrasting. OFFICIALS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SCORING OF CARS WITH ILLEGIBLE OR HARD TO READ NUMBERS.
34. All cars must have working starters.
35. Super Stocks, Hobby Cars and Trucks must have stock floor pan and firewall back to turnup on frame.
In case of inclement weather 75% of purse can be paid.


IMCA Rules shall apply to all IMCA sanctioned events. Revisions and updates as provided by IMCA.


1. Super Stock weight rule 3300 lb.. with driver after race. All weight must be securely fastened with two, 1/2" bolts. Weights must be painted white with car number displayed on weight.
2. Any year from 1967 to current model, make of American production car. Minimum wheel base 101". Wheel base must remain stock according to year model. All cars must remain stock appearing. All glass, chrome and trim must be removed. Windshields must be replaced with protective screen and have 3 small bars in front of driver. All flammable's must be removed. All cars must have factory bumpers front and rear. All doors must be welded shut. Bars may be added, front and rear, to protect radiator and gas tank. Any unibody cars must have center supports welded to connect front and rear frame. All cars must have radiators in engine compartment only. No square bodies and no chopped tops. Tops must be stock.
3. Engine setback: number 1 plug must be no further back then ball joint. All cars must use 2 barrel carburetors. No more then 500 CRM maximum, 1 11/16 throttle bore maximum, stock Ventura (1 3/8). Holleys - okay, headers - okay, any battery fire distributor, manual fuel pump. No electric fuel pump. Any intake will be permitted.
4. All cars must have fuel cell and must be securely fastened to the frame of the truck of the car. A rear fire wall is required between the driver compartment and the gas tank.
5. All cars must have working clutch and transmission. No Bert or aftermarket transmission. Clutch must be on crankshaft.
6. Front shock must be in stock position. Racing shocks okay. No weight jacks, no torque absorbing devices and no double shocks.
7. Floating axle style, rear end may be used. Rear ends may be locked. Suspension must remain in stock position. May use either Ford or Chevy, etc.
8. Tires MUST be track tire.
9. Large steel lug nuts on all 4 wheels, steel wheels mandatory. 10 inch wheel maximum. No bead locks.
10. All drive shafts must be painted white and have a hoop around front end of shaft.
11. All cars must have at least 24 inch numbers on both sides and top.
12. A full 4 post roll cage is required. Roll cage must be cross braced with a minimum of 3 bars, RECOMMENDED in both doors, but X bar will be permitted in right door. Cage must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inch pipe of .095 thickness. Cage must be cross braced in top of X braces. Must have original floor pan.
13. All cars must be equipped with racing type seat and belts that are safety approved. All belts must be securely fastened to the frame and roll cage. All drivers must wear safety approved firesuits and helmets, and gloves. All cars must have a fire extinguisher within the reach of the driver.
14. All cars Subject to track officials approval.


* MINIMUM WEIGHT: 3300 lb.. - When the top five (5) places go across the scale, they must weight 3300 lb.., after the feature with the driver in the car. If a car is light that driver loses all winnings and points for the night.
* DRIVERS REMEMBER: When you see a red flag or a red light, stop immediately! Drivers, slow down when entering the pits. Stay in your car while on the track or in the infield. Make sure the number on your car is well visible and clearly readable (See General Rule #33).


1. Any American coupe or sedan with 101 inch or greater stock wheel base. NO convertibles. Stationwagons and hardtops are okay.
2. Complete stock body and bumpers required. Bumpers MUST be chained or secured to frame in a manner that will keep them from dropping onto or dragging along track. Grill may be removed and replaced with expanded metal.
3. Body and frame must maintain 4 1/2" ground clearance. All weights must be fastened with two, 1/2" bolts. Weights must be painted white, and have car number displayed on them.
4. All doors MUST be welded, chained or bolted closed. Exterior chrome MUST be removed.
5. All glass, including headlights, taillights, etc., MUST be removed. WINDOW NET IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ON DRIVER'S DOOR WINDOW, BUT NOT REQUIRED.
6. All Hobby Cars must run tack tire.
7. Gauges may be removed. All flammable interior (Carpet, headliner, interior side panel, rear seats, etc.) MUST be removed. Racing seat only! Wiring harness may be removed and replaced.
8. Hood and trunk may be chained or pinned down. Windshield wipers may be removed.
9. Air conditioner, power steering, alternator and heater may be removed. Holes in firewall must be covered. Battery is to be securely fastened.
10. Quick release steering wheel optional and may replace steering shaft and column.
11. Front fender wells may be unbolted and removed.


* Engine must have been available in vehicle (year may be interchanged). Must have stock distributors - NO MSD's.
12. May run any OEM steel intake, 2 or 4 barrel. Any 2 barrel carburetor 500 CFM with throttle bore no bigger than 1 11/16, stock Ventura 1 3/8 Holleys okay. No more then 1 inch carb spacer.
13. No angle plug heads.
14. Cam must pull 16" of vacuum at or below 1000 RPM.
15. Must have cast iron manifolds, no headers.
16. Motor limited to 360 cu. in. NO 400 blocks or cranks.
17. Automatic or Standard transmission. No mini-clutches. Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel must be OEM replacement with 10 inch or larger clutch disc. NO aluminum flywheel or pressure plate.
18. Aftermarket pedal assembly okay, as long as it can not be adjusted during race.
19. Stock Rear ends, must be locked, 8" or 9" Ford rear ends may be used.
20. Approved OEM stamped steel rocker arms only. Approved OEM style flat tappet cam and lifters. NO roller tip rockers, NO roller rocker arms, and NO roller cams.
21. All cars subject to track officials approval.


A. Any GM, Ford or Chrysler full size conventional cab pickup truck. '67 models or newer chassis year.
B. No extended cab, no step sides.
C. Two wheel, rear drive only.
D. Engine and body must match, I.E.: Ford in Ford or GM in GM, etc.
E. All measurements shall be as referenced to stock truck except those stated in measurement section.
A. Any full sized GM or Ford automobile frame may be used.
B. Frame must remain stock production in all aspects except: behind center of rear axle housing. (Minimum of 2" x 2" tubing on back).
C. No off-set chassis.
D. No under slung chassis.
E. Weights must be fastened with two, (2) 1/2" bolts. Weights must be painted white, with car number painted on weights.
A. Stock Steering box may NOT be relocated. No rack and 'pinion. Quick steer permitted, on truck chassis ONLY.
B. No aluminum parts.
C. Front upper and lower A-arm must be stock and in stock location.
D. May change rear suspension, control arms from 4 to 3. Control arms must remain in stock position.
E. Heavy duty replacement shocks permitted. Must bolt in stock location. One shock per wheel.
F. Minimum spring diameter 5 inches.
G. No coil-overs. No coil-over eliminators.
H. No weight jacks.
A. Rear end must be locked.
B. 8" or 9" Ford rear end may be used.
C. No floater rear ends.
D. No quick change rear ends.
E. No aluminum parts allowed.
F. Drive shafts must be painted white and must have two (2) safety straps.
A. All trucks must have transmission with working stock clutch.
B. All automatic transmissions must have torque converter.
C. No direct drives.
D. No aftermarket transmission such as Bert.
E. No mini-clutches.
A. 10" maximum steel wheels only.
B. No bead locks.
C. All Hobby Stock Trucks must run track tire.
D. Tires can not be defaced in anyway, but can be grooved.
A. Fuel cell mandatory.
B. NO methanol, nitro or nitrous oxide systems.
C. No electric fuel pump or pressurized systems.
A. Engine must be located with #1 spark plug aligned with center of ball joint.
A. Stock type ignition must be used.
B. No magnetos. No MSD or equivalent
C. No crank trigger ignition.
A. Radiator and transmission cooler must be mounted under hood.
A. Minimum 4 point cage required, minimum 1 1/2" tubing (1 3/4" recommended).
B. Minimum 3 bars in driver's door.
C. Roll cage must be cross braced.
D. Cage must be minimum thickness of .095.
E. Cage must be welded to frame.
F. Front and rear hoops allowed.
G. Cage hoop must be near the roof line so driver has ease on entry and exit.
H. The only exposed bars can be rear support bars.
A. Only high back steel or aluminum seats will be allowed.
B. No fiberglass or plastic seats.
C. All trucks must have racing belts and shoulder harness that are safety approved.
A. Bed may be fastened to cab. Bed may be gutted and covered.
B. Trucks must have dash panel.
C. Trucks must have stock fire wall.
D. Driver compartment must be fully enclosed.
E. Weight-all trucks must weight a minimum of 3300 lbs. with driver after race.
A. Wheelbase 112" min.
B. Center of front hub to rear of cab 76" max.
C. Rear of cab to rear of tail gate 72" - 77 1/2" max.
D. Frame/sheet metal height 4 1/2" min.
E. Roof height - no tolerance 57" min.
F. Top of tail gate to ground 37" - 39" max.
G. Top of tail gate to bottom of bumper 30" max.
H. Spoiler height - No lips 4" max.
I. Spoiler width - No laterals 70" max.
J. Front air dam ground clearance 4 1.2: min.



1. DRIVER OPTION 2-Driver arrangement is optional. Left side driver controls steering and break. Right side driver controls the throttle. For 1-Driver, at controls can remain in stock position.
2. CARS 1. Minimum 112" wheel base.
2. Must weight 3600 lbs. With driver after the race. As weights must be securely fastened with two 1/2' bolts. Weights must be painted white with car number on them.
3. SAFETY 1. 4-Point roll cage mandatory with 3 door bars on each side. May build complete cage assembly.
2. Both drivers must have helmets, firesuits, gloves, and 5-pt. harness.
3. Remove all glass. Doors must be securely fastened. Door brace - okay, must be inside care.
4. NO MODIFICATION TO BODY, SUSPENSION OR ENGINE !!! Working horn. Engin must pull 16" @ 1000 RPM or below. No high rise intakes. Single line, single pump carburator okay, 4 barrel, okay.

5. Steering must remain stock.
6. May run track tires. May run aftermarket wheels. Recommend at least 3/8" studs and heavy lug nuts.
7. Rear end may be locked or welded.
8. Automatic transmission only.
4. NUMBERS 1. Care must have numbers on both sides and top of car and must be at least 24" high and legible, with contrast.
5. RACE PROCEDURE 1. Hot Laps and heats lineup by draw.
6. CLAIM PROCEDURE 1. $525 Cash exchange, IMCA procedure applies. Safety harness and racing seats not included.


1. Driver must have helmet, driving suit, gloves and 5=point belt system.
2. May use any front wheel driver car with stock 4 or 6 cylinder engine.
3. Four (4) point roll cage mandatory with three (3) door bars on each side. Cannot go through either firewall.
4. Firewall (front and rear) must be completely closed. No holes or open areas.
5. All glass must be removed.
6. May gut doors to install bars. Doors must be securely fastened.
7. No modifications to the body, suspension or engine.
8. Must have three (3) windshield bars.
9. Must have stock size wheels and tires, 3/8" studs and heavy lugnuts are recommended. No rough treads or over sized tires.
10. Differential must remain stock.
11. Cars must have legible numbers on both sides and top of car, numbers must be at 24 inches high.
12. Claim on complete care - $425 cash and exchange, IMCA procedure applies. Safety harness and racing seat not included.
13. Weight rule to be established, any added weights must be painted white and fastened with two (2)
1/2 ' bolts.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.


They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.


Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

The Management of West Plains Speedway.

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Dirt Maniac

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posted December 12, 2002 11:22 PM
the mini stock rules are at I am trying to get them to open the tire rule up a little bit though.

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