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Author Topic:   do i need to change motor mounts?????????
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posted July 15, 2002 05:34 PM
DO I need to change the stock motor mounts on my 86 mustang?Some have said I do some say I don't. I knew you guys would shoot straight with me.If I do can you point me in the right direction so I do it right the first time. Thanks again for all the help, I'm almost ready to roll!!!!! smalldog

Dirt Newbie

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posted July 15, 2002 06:27 PM
If you do choose to change out the motor mount to solid ones, they are easy enough to make yourself.

However, remember that the solid motor mounts will make the engine "vibrate" even more than before. This means you ought to keep the rubber mounts on the tranny so as to assure not too much vibration affects the carb...thus causing irratic fuel delivery problems.

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posted July 16, 2002 05:40 PM
Thanks Dirtnewbie, So are you saying that it is purely a personal preferance, I'm concerned that the extra forces through the turns will cause the rubber mounts to break. If it's not likely to cause a problem I've definately got other mole hills to climb. Thanks again for all the info.

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posted August 12, 2002 12:23 AM
in all of the mini stocks at our track, we all have the stock motor mounts because of vibration. when solid motor mounts where tried by a fellow racer of mini with his 2300 ford, he found that it vibrates the gas out of the carborator, and it was no help to the water pump, fan, and other front pulleys, the main problem he had was the water pump would vibrate the blots out and the fn blades would crack and also vibrate the water pump bolts loose agin, it caused more problems than not.

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posted August 30, 2002 06:59 PM
run the steel ones make them your self and set the motor lower in the frame and move it back against the fire wall while your at it helps weight percentages we been running solid for 2yrs no problems, get the lower roll center will bite quicker off the corners and pick up front end quicker when you get back on the throttle

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