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Dirt Roller

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posted July 01, 2002 09:09 PM
Is anybody else having trouble getting on 4m since they changed the format? Also what is up with Esslanger website? We have learned a lot on the dirt forum. Maybe we can learn how to build motors like a.j. Thanks BIGG C

Dirt Maniac

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posted July 02, 2002 07:58 PM
what are you meaning bigg c by learning how to build motors like me is that in a good way or bad way also were have you been running and what does your car look like

Dirt Maniac

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posted July 10, 2002 10:22 AM
As far as I know Esslinger finally got tired of all the "junk"they had to put up with on their boards,they had "shut'em down" temporarely 2 or 3 times before,but finally got tired of all the hassles they had I guess, and did away with them all togather!!!

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