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Author Topic:   Ford's New 2.3 Aluminum Engine
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posted May 09, 2002 07:29 AM
These are the new 2.3 engines now appearing in the Ford and Mazda pick-up trucks and destined to replace most of the current
powerplants in their other vehicles. It originated as a Cosworth design for planned Formula 1 racing. Cosworth had casting problems and never finished development. Ford acquires Cosworth, finds this design, and figures it would work great for emissions and fuel economy. Ford's other "company"...Mazda, solves the casting issues. Together they decide this will be their "mainstay" engine. Enter my employer, Kansas Racing Products ( ). KRP manufactures a nodular iron inline 4 cylinder OHV performance engine for GM
Performance Parts and Ford SVO (uses a V-8 smallblock head...GM, Ford, Mopar). KRP is able to purchase production engines and components (surplus and "line rejects" when available) from Ford and GM. Last August, my Ford rep tells me about these 2.3 engines
and their Cosworth "roots". I acquire a few and send them to several engine builders for the accessment. YES! These engines have a great racing potential. Block and head are designed for high hp and stress. Dual-cam crossflow head flows 270 cfm BEFORE port and polish. Total weight of a stock engine is only 180 pounds. This is an interesting
link showing the development of the European version of this engine for stock sports car racing. I figured this information might be valuable to someone planning for a lightweight performance engine. Even though it has electronically controlled fuel injection and ignition, the ignition is crank-fire triggered and it may be possible to fabricate a manifold for carb use. There may be an existing manifold (figuring the Cosworth roots)that may work too. One downfall is that this new design shares virtually nothing with it's predessors...the 2.3 SOHC, 2.5 or even the soon-to-be discontinued 2.0 Zetec. Even the bellhousing and transmission is different. However it is just a matter of time before aftermarket companies jump in to build "conversion" kits. Write me for details. Thanks!! Gerry


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