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Author Topic:   roll bars
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posted March 27, 2002 02:55 PM
Ihave the roll bars on my 81 mustang installed but do not feel comfortable with the way they have to attach. The mustang doesnt have a frame, It is a unibody and was wondering how others attached their roll bars in them. I presently have them welded to the floor board and ran them back into the trunk and attached them to a reinforced section of the frame.

Im pretty comfortable with the back but the way the front and middle portions of the roll cage have to be welded to the floor bothers me a little. I have considered threaded rods with large metal plates to provide more surface area under the floor board but this adds weight to an already overweight car. Any Idea?????

Thanks in advance


Dirt Freak

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posted March 27, 2002 05:39 PM
I start by placing the rear hoop over the rear spring mounts on plates and weld to the floor pan. Then I run down rights from the top of the rear hoop back to just behind the rear bumper to a support I put between the rear frame rails at the end of the rails. From that same support behind the bumper, I run a bar on each side horizontally along the trunk pan back to the rear hoop. On the front, I plave the downrights for my dash bar as wide as possible and as far forward as possible and tie them in to the rocker panels as well as using plates on both sides of the floor pan. I also place a door bar low and against the rockerpanel from the dashbar down rights to the real hoop. And weld it to the rocker. Then either run a bar on each side of the car from the dashbar down to the front frame horns on the motor side of the firewall, or run a front loop from the dash bar and remove the sheetmetal from the firewall forward. Then tie the front loop into the front frame horns with supports. I think it works best when you triangulate these sections. Then make sure you seat mounts are mounted to the cage and not the floorpan. Then obviously all the other supports (xing in the rear hoop, halow, the rest of the door bars etc.). Whew. did that make any sense? lol Every body does it different, by that just an example. I can prob get some pics online if you like. good luck

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posted March 27, 2002 05:46 PM
i weld 2x2 square inch tubbing on both sides of the car on the flooreboard then tie in your 4 point cage to it its that easey and it is safe by welding it to the flooreboard is onley asking to get hurt if you have any other ?'s pm me i will help ya out
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posted March 27, 2002 08:35 PM
i got 4x4 steel plates on both sides of the floorboard and 4 bolts in each coner. it seams to be pretty strong.

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posted March 29, 2002 06:28 PM
Thanks for the input guys, im gonna use a little bit of both ideas and will feel a little more comfortable with it. I gotta keep safety as a top priority, I got a a4 yr old son and a wife that would really suffer if something serious happened to me.

Again Thanks


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