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Author Topic:   Bushings & rear percentages
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posted December 14, 2001 09:34 AM
I was just wondering what type of bushings do in need to use on a 84 mustang. I've only been racing for about a year now and don't know if I should use rudder or urethane in the front or rear. And does any one know about how much rear percentage I need and how much left side % I need. I an building a new car this year and it is the first one that I have ever done so I need all the help that I can get. I think the car is going to weight just a little over 2,000 lb.

jim welsh
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posted December 14, 2001 08:02 PM
I can't give you any answers to the percentage thing, but as far as the bushings go spend your money on the polyurathane one's. They will hold up a lot better. Matter of fact they will outlast your car.

Dirt Roller

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posted December 15, 2001 09:49 PM
Mustangs and Pintos are very nose-heavy, so getting enough rear weight is a problem. On dirt you need about 52-53% left and 50-51% rear, with about 47-49% cross. I ended up with 49.6% rear and was able to use wedge and stagger to help balance things out. Hope this helps!!

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