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Author Topic:   Front Wheel Drive Mini Stockers
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posted July 16, 2001 07:34 PM
Is anyone running front wheel drive cars? If so how competitive are they? Can anyone give me some chassis set up pointers? Should a front sway bar be used? What about Rear Sway bar? Spring rates for front and rear? Shock Types?

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posted July 21, 2001 10:45 AM
Our track started a fwd class this season, and our class is very competitive. Our cars are just as fast or faster that bombers. We race against mini mods and did very well. Our cars are pure stock, and I think they are a kick to drive. come over to the message board at for more info.

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posted July 23, 2001 04:20 PM
hey matt, in reguard to your question (are fwd cars competitive)YES very much so, i've been racing them all season at tri-state speedway in oklohoma. it's been fast and fun..i found that a strut brace or strut tower brace works very well,, it should take away about 60% of your body roll... check local rules though. i also found that a 16" wheel and tire works very well for responsive turning... what type of car do you have? maybe i could help more...

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