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posted December 15, 2002 12:27 PM UIN: 16262997
Another 'First-Timer', Jordan Howell, Wins Rookie Beginner Main!
by Tom Wilson-pma
Sedalia, Missouri
Saturday, 12/14/02
It was a total of 96 entries running in 55 events that not only made Saturday night's program of the fifth annual “Coliseum Indoor Winter Speedway Kart Racing Series” a full one, but also a tight and thrilling evening of competition. After starting at the advertised 5 pm, it was “all over, but the sighing',.. by 9:10!
The challenges between the 13 different classes of competitors this season is so close that a complete multitude of victors have been showing up in the winner's circle.
Todd McVay from Blue Springs, who just started last season as a third generation driver and won two features, re-captured his winning ways for the first time this year as he outran a 'class' field of Schilby's Auto Center Junior 2 Lights. He had to outdistance second and third place top shoes Josh Fisher, the current points leader, and karting ace Joey Lile.
It was a 'first-ever' victory for a very young Jordan Howell from Columbia in the 5 to 8 year-old, Anderson Kart Racing Engines Rookie Beginners main. There have been five out of six different winners in that training class. So far Zachary Beers is the only multiple winner with two top hits.
Those blue smokin, chokin' and super-quick Russell Kart Specialties Controlled 2-cycle racers were 'controlled' for three years by Jefferson City's Mike Floyd. But last year his luck went sour, and Mike hardly scored a win. This season, however, Floyd has showed up in the winner's lane more often than not. He not only dominated the 2-cycle run, but also was able to hold on to cross the line in first during the 15-lap, KDKD-FM Radio “Checkered Flag” Open division. His neighbor, also from Jeff City, Wendell 'Showtime' Shorthose, looked as though he'd score his fifth win with ease, that is until he spun by himself in turn two. Shorthose was able to make a 'comeback' drive for second, hot on Floyd's rear bumper.
Defending 2001-2 CIKS, Fairfield Motor Service Stock Heavy division champion Rick Carver from Peculiar took a couple of weeks off to develop a new 'ride'. The development was good as he won the main event over top chauffeurs Jamie Bunch and Jon 'the kid' Corbin. For Bunch it was a better than average night as he took home top honors in the Mazzio's Pizza Stock Medium chase.
The Kix Kountry Krazy Kage Karts saw yet another winner grace it's victory line. Eudora, Ks' Melody Simpson won her first seasonal win in the world's loudest kart class and maintained her points lead to date over the rest.
Several accidents took place during the night, two with slight injuries that were checked out further at the hospital after the incidents.
Without injury, Jon Herndon from Laurie flipped his Kage Kart mount in the second heat. He was able to come back for a third in the feature.
With a 'full-house' of Goody's Steakburger Junior 1 Heavy riders all charging for the win on the final lap of the main affair, several crashed in unison. Experienced youngster Jeremy Lile from Waverly, who has garnered an amazing 6 'A' features in both the light and heavy Junior 1 runs so far this year, had his kart topped by another spinning machine. He suffered hand, leg and neck pain. At this writing, his condition is unknown, although he was conscious and talking throughout the situation. Coliseum's chief EMT Billy Hurt stated it was mostly a precautionary check-up.
Speaking of long time karter Hurt from Boonville, “Mr. Smooth” also racked up yet another win in the Dale's Tow Super Heavy 'A' main.
Starting as a 'second racer' in the Roberts family from Mora just a week ago, Tiffany Roberts was involved in several hard bumps in her final event. She returned later in fine shape after a 'crash house' check-up concerning her arm.
This Saturday night will continue with the action in the Coliseum before taking the season's only break during the Christmas holiday on Saturday night, December 28th.
As always, the racing fans out for their wintertime 'need for horse-powered speed' definitely get their attendance money's worth every week.
Admission to the grandstands for adults is $5, 6 to 10 years old-$3 and under 6 years of age, free. The pit office starts taking sign-ins at 1 p.m., the grandstands are unlocked at 3, hot laps circle at 4 with the first qualifying heat flagged for 5 pm.
For the latest Coliseum Indoor Kart Series information, call Wayne Campbell at Campbell Promotions offices at (660) 827-1043 or Jim Smith at (660) 826-2719.
The CIKS also has a Web-site at:
Race #6
12/14 /02
(All Home Towns in Missouri Unless Otherwise Shown)
Feature Results -Top 3 Finishers-
15 Lap 'A' Features
96 Registered Karts 55 Events
STOCK 4-cycle CLASSES: Drivers 16 and Older
Yeager's Suzuki STOCK LIGHT: 1.) Trenton Nelson, Fulton, 2.) Kelsey Jacobs, Kansas City, 3.) Tyler Blank, California.
Mazzio's Pizza STOCK MEDIUM: 1.) Jamie Bunch, Lohman, 2.) Michael Brown, Kingsville, 3.) Daniel Strader, Edwards.
Fairfield Motor Service STOCK HEAVY: 1.) Rick Carver, Peculiar, 2.) J. Bunch, 3.) Jon Corbin, Carrolton.
Dale's Tow STOCK SUPER HEAVY: 1.) Billy Hurt, Boonville, 2.) Kerry King, Shawnee, Ks, 3.) Gary Bunch, Lohman.
JUNIOR 4-cycle:
Anderson Kart Engines ROOKIE BEGINNERS: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Jordan Howell, Columbia, 2.) Graden Lovelace, Elsberry, 3.) Dylan Timmerman, El Dorado, Mo.
Terry's Osage Express ROOKIE ADVANCED: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Ben Wolf, Lenexa, 2.) Blake David, Fulton, 3.) T.J. Muths, Sedalia.
Goody's Steakburger JUNIOR 1 LIGHT: (Ages 9 thru 11):
'B' Feature-(10 laps-top three finishers to 'A'): 1.) Alan Murray, Cole Camp, 2.) Cody Baker, Lone Jack, 3.) Robbie Garrigus, Sedalia.
'A' Feature- 1.) Austin Crane, Ashland, 2.) Will Wolf, Lenexa, 3.) Jordan Holland, Fulton.
Busso's AA Muffler JUNIOR 1 HEAVY:
'B' Feature-(10 Laps-fop three finishers to 'A'): 1.) Jeremy Lile, Waverly, 2.) Beau Roseblock, Eldon, 3.) Trey Taber, Sedalia.
'A' Feature- 1.) Holland, 2.) J.R. Beers, Independence, 3.) Robbie Garrigus, Sedalia.
Schilby's Auto Center JUNIOR 2 LIGHT: (Ages 12 thru 15): 1.) Todd McVay, Blue Springs, 2.) Josh Fisher, Sedalia, 3.) Joey Lile, Waverly.
Karts and Parts JUNIOR 2 HEAVY: 1.) Steven Strader, Warsaw, 2.) J. Lile, 3.) Justin Atkisson, Columbia.
Russell Karting Specialties 2-CYCLE: 1.) Mike Floyd, Jefferson City, 2.) Ryan Shorthose, Jefferson City, 3.) Ryan Schultz, Sedalia.
Kix Country 105.6 KAGE KART: 1.) Melody Simpson, Eudora, Ks, 2.) Jeff Hinkle, Versailles, 3.) Jon Herndon, Laurie.
KDKD-FM “Checkered Flag” OPEN: 1.) Floyd, 2.) Wendell Shorthose, Jefferson City, 3.) Chris Linscott, Odessa.

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