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posted December 01, 2002 09:34 AM UIN: 16262997
Halliburton, Z. Beers and David Only Seasonal Repeaters in 13 Classes!

by Tom Wilson-pma
Sedalia, Missouri
Saturday, 11/30/02

Just when you think that first-time seasonal victories would then fall into a weekly series win monotony, other drivers step in with sure wins to prove that theorem isn't always correct. That's exactly what happened Saturday night during race number four of the nineteen scheduled events in the 2002-3 “Coliseum Indoor Winter Speedway Kart Racing Series” on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia.
With four “Illinois Raiders” making the scene for the first time this year, two of the four made the 'locals' take notice. Both drivers, hailing from Morton, Illinois, captured both high-speed chases; Jeff Clark in the Russell Karting Specialties 2-Cycle Controlled and the KDKD-FM “Checkered Flag” Open victor Eric Rendelman.
Lohman's Jamie Bunch won his first Mazzio's Pizza Stock Medium run, Independence's Bryan Rice was a fresh victor in the Fairfield Motor Service Stock Heavies, Dale's Tow Stock Super Heavy was finally conquered by Boonville's Billy Hurt and Joe Herndon from Gravois Mills captured his first Kix Country Kage Kart feature.
Fulton's Jordan Holland finally overcame a bad luck streak for first in the Goody's Steakburgers Junior 1 Lights while the Busso's AA Muffler Junior 1 Heavy portion was found for the initial time by Fulton's Ethan Burke. The Schilby's Auto Center Junior 2 Heavy major event was captured by Warsaw's Stephen Strader and the Karts and Parts Junior 2 Heavy was for the first time this season a win for Lamar's Caleb Stevens.
If you count all of the first CIKS victories for the above drivers this season during this super-fast race night, the count comes out to 11 of the 13 classes in competition! That, fans…. is definitely close competition!
For Columbian Mikey Halliburton's win, he holds the highest amount so far in this stature with a total of five wins in four race nights, running in both Stock Light and Medium divisions every week. Young Zachary Beers of Independence made it two wins in a row in the Anderson Kart Engines of Lee's Summit Rookie Beginner's and in the Terry's Osage Express Rookie Advanced class it was current points leader Blake David from Fulton's third main event win out of four tries.
One hundred and eight machines signed-up to compete in the completed 58 races. The race night, including intermissions, ran a mere two minutes over a super-fast four hours!
There were three tough and rough crashes during the competition.
In the hot laps, Ashland's Austin Crane flipped once coming out of turn four, scrambled up quickly and came back to compete without further bad luck all night. Tony Layne from Kansas City was trying hard for the lead during the Junior 1 Light run when a scramble with another comp sent him into the wall in turns one and two, backwards, at a very high speed. Although it was very-scary looking situation, Layne quickly concentrated on returning later to run in the Junior 1 Heavies.
The worst crash of the night, and possibly the worst since the Coliseum series started five years ago, took place in the first Open heat. Boonville's William “Willie” Jackson hooked wheels with another kart while screaming down the back-chute and took off in a series of endos, twice hitting the six foot high fence at the very top; once with his kart, the second time….. by himself! He landed solo in the middle of the track. It took a few minutes to collect his thoughts and find the strength to walk back to the pits. Needless to say, Willie wisely decided to take the rest of the night off from racing.
The racing fans, out for their wintertime 'need for horse-powered speed', definitely get their attendance money's worth every week, including this coming Saturday night's 5th event of the series.
That, along with the supplied heat in the historic Missouri State Fairgrounds building and the 'Coliseum Karting Concessions' delicious food, fans and competitors always look forward to returning.
Admission to the grandstands for adults is $5, 6 to 10 years old-$3 and under 6 years of age, free. The pit office starts taking sign-ins at 1 p.m., the grandstands are unlocked at 3, hot laps circle at 4 with the first qualifying heat flagged for 5 pm.
For the latest Coliseum Indoor Kart Series information, call Wayne Campbell at Campbell Promotions offices at (660) 827-1043 or Jim Smith at (660) 826-2719.
The CIKS also has a Web-site at:
Race #4
(All Home Towns in Missouri Unless Otherwise Shown)
Feature Results -Top 3 Finishers-
15 Lap 'A' Features
108 Registered Karts 51 Events
STOCK 4-cycle CLASSES: Drivers 16 and Older
Yeager's Suzuki STOCK LIGHT: 1). Mikey Halliburton, Columbia, 2.) Danny Philer, Richmond, 3.) Trenton Nelson, Fulton.
Mazzio's Pizza STOCK MEDIUM: 1.) Jamie Bunch, Lohman, 2.) Halliburton, 3.) Ryan Marsch, Russellville.
Fairfield Motor Service STOCK HEAVY: 1.) Bryan Rice, Independence, 2.) J. Bunch, 3.) Marsch.
Dale's Tow STOCK SUPER HEAVY: 1.) Billy Hurt, Boonville, 2.) Gary Bunch, Lohman, 3.) Kerry King, Shawnee, Ks.
JUNIOR 4-cycle:
Anderson Kart Engines ROOKIE BEGINNERS: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Zachary Beers, Independence, 2.) J.C. Newell, Stoutland, 3.) Jordan Howell, Columbia.
Terry's Osage Express ROOKIE ADVANCED: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Blake David, Fulton, 2.) Kaden Sportsman, Lamar, 3.) T.J. Muths, Sedalia.
Goody's Steakburger JUNIOR 1 LIGHT: (Ages 9 thru 11): 1.) Jordan Holland, Fulton, 2.) Ethan Burke, Fulton, 3.) Will Wolf, Lenexa, Ks.
Busso's AA Muffler JUNIOR 1 HEAVY: 1.) Burke, 2..) Holland, 3.) Alan Murray, Cole Camp.
Schilby's Auto Center JUNIOR 2 LIGHT: (Ages 12 thru 15): 1.) Stephen Strader, Warsaw, 2.) Erin Larimore, Green Ridge, 3.) Adam, Columbia.
Karts and Parts JUNIOR 2 HEAVY: 1.) Caleb Stevens, Lamar, 2.) Patrick J. Mahnken, Fulton, 3.) Justin Atkisson, Columbia.
Russell Karting Specialties 2-CYCLE: 1.) Jeff Clark, Morton, Il, 2.) David Haansz, Gladstone, 3.) Derick Hoffman, Morton, Il.
Kix Country 105.6 KAGE KART: 1.) Jon Herndon, Gravois Mills, 2.) Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, 3.) Jeff Hinkle, Versailles.
KDKD-FM “Checkered Flag” OPEN: 1.) Eric Rendelman, Morton, Il, 2.) Mike Floyd, Jefferson City, 3.) Mahnken.

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