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posted November 24, 2002 07:00 AM UIN: 16262997
Jeremy Lile Now “Double-Double Trouble” In Junior 1 Light!
by Tom Wilson-pma
Sedalia, Missouri
Saturday, 11/23/02
After just starting last season at the “Coliseum Indoor Winter Speedway Kart Racing Series” on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Patrick J. Mahnken from Fulton drove double classes every night, learning the basics and honing his skills. By the end of last season, he was always finishing in the top five.
The first two weeks this year, Mahnken finished in the top three and let it be known he was one his competitors would have to reckon with.
Saturday night, Patrick's confidence rating went through the roof as he won his first feature event ever in the Schilby's Auto Center Junior 2 Light division. Then, he gave the large crowd of fans even more to cheer about. After starting 'dead-last' in the 15 lap, Karts and Parts Junior 2 Heavy main event, he came charging through the dense pack to pull almost even with eventual winner Justin Atkisson from Columbia for second.
A young kart pilot who earned both respect and confidence several years ago, Jeremy Lile from Waverly, scored double wins for the second week in a row in both the Goody's Steakburger Junior 1 Light and Busso's AA Muffler Junior 1 Heavy mains.
Jefferson City's Wendell 'Showtime' Shorthose has had no shortcomings at all this year. He has ruled the KDKD-FM “Checkered Flag” Open class by winning three out of three. He outran his tops comps easily, no matter where he starts, again this week.
New faces popped up in numbers for this season with Corey Nelson from Jefferson City winning in the Yeager's Suzuki Stock Light affair, Montgomery City's Craig Roden in the Fairfield Motor Service Stock Heavy run, Cody Elliott from Mansfield was back in the groove by capturing the Dale's Tow Stock Super Heavy go and well-known 360/410 full size sprint winner Jesse Hockett from Warsaw came out on top in the Kix Country Radio Kage Kart competition.
One hundred and ten karts signed in to run a 58 event program that started right at 5 pm and came to an end, intermissions and all, at 9:20! With all racers shooting for the big win brought on a wild and crazy night of action.
In the second heat race for the Mazzio's Pizza Stock Mediums, another popular midget and sprint driver Gravois Mills' Steve “the beaver” Gennetten flipped his car while leading the race. He was okay, his car….NOT! Beaver was not able to make necessary repairs in time to run the feature.
Contrary to what seemed to be the norm mindset of most in attendance, this week's event of the wintertime series WILL take place this Saturday night. The only 'time-off' this season will be during the Christmas weekend holiday on Saturday, December 28th.
The racing fans, out for their wintertime 'need for speed', definitely get their attendance money's worth every week, including this coming Saturday night's event of this series..
That, along with the supplied heat in the historic Missouri State Fairgrounds building and the 'Coliseum Karting Concessions' delicious food, fans and competitors always look forward to returning.
Admission to the grandstands for adults is $5, 6 to 10 years old-$3 and under 6 years of age, free. The pit office starts taking sign-ins at 1 p.m., the grandstands are unlocked at 3, hot laps circle at 4 with the first qualifying heat set for 5 pm.
For the latest Coliseum Indoor Kart Series information, call Wayne Campbell at Campbell Promotions offices at (660) 827-1043 or Jim Smith at (660) 826-2719.
The CIKS also has a Web-site at:
(All Home Towns in Missouri Unless Otherwise Shown)
Feature Results -Top 3 Finishers-15 Lap 'A' Features
110 Registered Karts 58 Events
STOCK 4-cycle CLASSES: Drivers 16 and Older
Yeager's Suzuki STOCK LIGHT: 1). Corey Nelson, Jefferson City, 2.) Mikey Halliburton, Columbia, 3.) Tyler Blank, California.
Mazzio's Pizza STOCK MEDIUM: 1.) Halliburton, 2.) Jamie Bunch, Lohman, 3.) Ryan Marsch, Russellville. Fairfield Motor Service STOCK HEAVY: 1.) Craig Roden, Montgomery City, 2.) Jon Corbin, Carrolton, 3.) J. Bunch.
Dale's Tow STOCK SUPER HEAVY: 1.) Cody Elliott, Mansfield, 2.) Mike Seminara, Kansas City, 3.) Gary Bunch, Lohman.
JUNIOR 4-cycle:
Anderson Kart Engines ROOKIE BEGINNERS: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Zachary Beers, Independence, 2.) Dylan Timmerman, El Dorado Springs, 3.) Mason Shoemaker, Fulton.
Terry's Osage Express ROOKIE ADVANCED: (Ages 5 thru 8-10 laps): 1.) Blake David, Fulton, 2.) Ben Wolf, Lenexa, 3.) T.J. Muths, Sedalia.
Goody's Steakburger JUNIOR 1 LIGHT: (Ages 9 thru 11): (“B” Feature-10 laps): 1.) Alan Murray, Cole Camp, 2.) Ben Clayton, Independence, 3.) Tony Layne, Kansas City. (“A” Feature): 1.) Jeremy Lile, Waverly, 2.) Bradley Roberts, Mora, 3.) Ethan Burke, Fulton. Busso's AA Muffler JUNIOR 1 HEAVY: 1.) J. Lile, 2.) Burke, 3.) Jordan Holland, Fulton.
Schilby's Auto Center JUNIOR 2 LIGHT: (Ages 12 thru 15): 1.) Patrick J. Mahnken, Fulton, 2.) Caleb Stevens, Lamar, 3.) Erin Larimore, Green Ridge.
Karts and Parts JUNIOR 2 HEAVY: 1.) Justin Atkinson, Columbia, 2.) Mahnken, 3.) Stevens.
Russell Karting Specialties 2-CYCLE: 1.) Mike Floyd, Jefferson City, 2.) Bryan Rice, Independence, 3.) Ryan Shorthose, Jefferson City.
Kix Country 105.6 KAGE KART: 1.) Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, 2.) Delan Greer-Askins, Sedalia, 3.) Melody Simpson, Eudora, Ks.
KDKD-FM “Checkered Flag” OPEN: 1.) Wendell Shorthose, Jefferson City, 2.) Floyd, 3.) Chris Linscott, Odessa.

SHOWTIME! Jefferson City’s Wendell “Showtime” Shorthose has won his new moniker with his smooth and super-quick driving, his undefeated record and flashing blue-polished wheel lights to earn his new moniker. Shorthose is 3 out of 3 in the Open division so far this season at Sedalia’s Coliseum.

NO LONGER ‘MIKEY’! Starting years ago as a top competitor through-out the years, earning uncountable features and local, state and national titles, Columbia, Missouri’s Mike Halliburton has won 4 features in 3 race night’s during this season’s CIKS run. With his size growing with his racing status, ‘Mike’ fits as his first name much better now than his past call-out, ‘Mikey’. He’s just moved into the ’Stock’ division, ages 16 and over. He simply keeps on winning!

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