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Author Topic:   Shippensburg?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 03, 2002 06:36 PM
Is anyone here going to the $1000 race at shippensburg pa?

Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 28, 2002 08:57 PM
This is not an answer to your question but I have one for you! My son is 8 years old and may be intersested in racing.

We live near Harrisburg, PA and I heard there's a track in Shippensburg.

Do you know what classes they run?

I know absolutly nothing about karts, although, I have raced in a street stock division in the Mechanicsburg area before.

Is there a kart class that have cages? Being DAD, I feel that may be safer and also easier to get Mom's vote?

Send me a PM. Thanks, lol.

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posted October 29, 2002 07:30 PM
Check your PM. If you need anything else just e-mail at or give me a PM.

Andre Layfield

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