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Author Topic:   Carbs.
Dirt Newbie

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posted January 23, 2002 01:54 PM
Was wondering if anybody knew anything about briggs carbs. I bought a "crystal carb" last fall and before I put it on I noticed the throttle plates didn't fully open. I called the builder and he said that was the design. My kid races in rookie div. with the blue restrictor plate. Tried it once, then changed engines so I really don't know if it works. Suppose to flow better with the restrictor?!?! Doesn't make sense to me. any ideas?

Dirt Freak

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posted January 23, 2002 08:45 PM
Well I have played with the restrictor engines for about 4 years.I always have the carb."set"the throttle plate angle to that restrictor.I have seen this done on a flow bench.Yes it will look not opened all the way or strait but what the human eye cannot detect is the turbulance the rest. causes in the air flow.Another thing if the carb. came with a filter adapter it was flowed with, dont take it off if the carb.if man knew his bussiness he flowed it and adjusted it as well.there is alot that goes into blueprinting a briggs carb.hope this sheds a little light.Feel free to P.M. me if u have any more quetions cept spelling ones lol or just post it

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