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Author Topic:   do i need new rocker arms?
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posted April 29, 2003 12:38 PM
i have a set of crane silver rockers arms 1.5 ratio 3/8 stud and i noticed this week that on one of the rockers the pin holding the roller tip in has slid out just a little bit. i put it in a vise and pressed it back in (it pressed in hard). is this ok to run or will it just slide out again and give me more trouble?? thanks for any help


Dirt Maniac

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posted April 29, 2003 12:52 PM
I had the same thing happen to me.Crane silver vacume cast rollers.Im not going to tell you that it will be ok (because worst case if the pin did come out and the roller comes off there is a chance you could drop a valve and the rest would be history)But in my case I was running on a limited budget and took a chance I ran them all year. Every wkd. when I set the valves I would pull that one and press the pin back in.It never did come out very far.Probaly 1/8 in or so Pioneer makes an Identical rocker and I found a guy that was a dealer and he sold me a single rocker .I ran the rest of them another yr. before I got rid of them....hope this helps....towman

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posted April 29, 2003 01:24 PM
Maybe you could stake around it with a chisel.That might help,the hole must have been machined too big.

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posted April 29, 2003 02:06 PM
I tried staking the rocker didnt do any good and I tried to swell the end of the pin in a vise with a hammer didnt work either those pins are some kinda hard....towman

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posted April 29, 2003 05:06 PM
When I used to do lots of 5L Mustang heads, I saw this a lot, with most of the cast aluminum(inexpensive) rockers. Brand did not seem to matter. I do not remember seeing it on an extruded rocker, for what that's worth. I also never saw one come completely out, not that they won't. I think the cause is slight misalignment in the axis of the mating parts, causing a fair amount of side thrust on the pin. You can try a different rocker on that valve, see if the problem stays at the valve, or moves with the rocker. If it stays at the valve, keep switching rockers, maybe you will find one with a tight enough fit to help things. While you've got the rocker off, see if there is a wear pattern on the valve stem that looks like spokes of a wheel. This is misalignment. Valve train separation(float) will aggravate the situation.

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posted April 29, 2003 08:22 PM
Take a very small centering punch and punch the rocker arm around the pin on both sides try and place the punch at a slight angle in towards the pin work slowly and don't place it to close to the hole itself

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