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Author Topic:   Four corner idle
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 05, 2003 11:14 PM
Wondering what the best way to set the idle mixture screws on a four corner idle carb. Do you start at the front, right or left? How much and where do you start? Its a Barry Grant gold claw on alcohol. It idles good now just think I have to have the throttle plates open a little to far to keep it idling. Any help would be appreciated.

Dirt Freak

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posted April 06, 2003 07:29 AM
If you need to have the throttle plates open too far (exposing too much transfer slot), then you aren't going to get the proper response while adjusting the idle mixture screws.
The way to solve that is to enlarge the holes bypass holes that are drilled in the butterflies by a few thousandths at a time until you are able to close the butterflies down on the transfer slots enough.
This actual hole size will vary from engine to engine based on vacuum signal and where you want the rpm at idle to be.
If there are already holes, measure them and let us know where you're at now (and how much transfer slot you have exposed now) and maybe I can offer a suggestion as to how far you need to go.

Hope that helps,

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