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Author Topic:   how to check a new crankshaft......
Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 07, 2003 07:12 PM
well after hearing all of the horror stories about scat, eagle ect.. i finally got burned. brand new 383 with an eagle cast crank and it burned up my main bearings in 2 nights, dropped oil pressure and pistons hit the head. so what can i do when i buy a crank to prevent this again? is there a way to check the crank so that i know it was ground true without turning a new crank. i had checked the journals but my crank guy said it was not ground parallel to the crank centerline. thanks for any help!

Dirt Freak

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posted March 07, 2003 09:23 PM
The main thing that I have seen with these crank's are out of round journals , journals on the large side of the tolerance , and journal's with as much as .001" taper . Most all of the Chinese product's that I have seen have been this way . It almost look's like the cranks are plunge ground . If you have Chinese rod's , you might also want to check the big end bore's . I have only ever seen one new set that did not need to be resized before use . Normally you will find that the big end's are all over the map .

To prevent this problem again , I would have the crank checked over , or buy an American made crank such as a Callies Dragon Slayer or a Cola , if your looking for an inexpensive crank .

We also saw a problem about 4 years ago with the Elgin crank's . Elgin subcontracts the finish grinding . The company that they subbed to was installing the crank's backward in there new CNC crank grinder's (they had never ground crank's before). So what would happen was the journals would end up with a "fish hook affect". In other word's , the grain of the journal would be turning the wrong direction , and would immediately wipe out the main and rod bearing's . Elgin actually sent out a notice to all of the warehouses , informing them of this problem . At that point it was up to the warehouse to contact their buyer's , and recall the crank's . Unfortunately it was to late for many people .


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