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Author Topic:   ford engine on chevy trans.
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posted January 27, 2003 09:29 PM
Hey guys, i am in need of some assistance. I run a modified, and have been running a chevy engine. I am switching over to a ford, and want to keep my chevy trans and tilton clutch, since both are fairly new. I have looked in several different places for parts to do this, but haven't had any luck. if anyone could tell me where to look for parts to do this it would be appreciated.

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 28, 2003 06:30 AM
Lakewood makes a bell housing that will mate a Ford engine to a Chevy transmission. For the clutch, I would call Tilton and ask for the plate for the Ford flywheel bot pattern, I believe the disks are the same other than the input spline.

rico 08
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posted January 28, 2003 06:41 PM
clutch disk yes, pilot bearing???????????

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posted January 30, 2003 05:57 PM
I have been running the same setup as you want for about five years. What I did for a pilot bearing was mic the inside of the crank then the outside of the trans input shaft. I took these measurements to a machinest and had him make me a pilot bearing out of oil impregnated bronze. If you need the exact measurements I can get them for you.

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posted January 30, 2003 08:02 PM
take a ford pilot bushing, and a chevy one..the chevy being smaller, bore the inside of the ford one to fit the outside of the chevy press the 2 together...what i have done in the past

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