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Author Topic:   Scat 9000 series crank, Eagle SIR rods.
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posted January 08, 2003 09:33 PM
We are building a 6" rod internally balanced 383. The time has come to lay down the cash and order parts. We are looking at a Scat crankshaft #9-350-3500-6000 (light weight internal balance) and Eagle Rods #SIR6000BBLW. We will be running SRP or Pro-Tru domed pistons at about 13:1 compression and turning 6500 to 7200 RPM. It will all go the machine shop to be balanced. Any one had any experience with these parts? Will it internal balance without tons of mallory? Will it hold up? Thanks for the help!!!

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posted January 08, 2003 10:01 PM
i am also building a 6" rod 383. i have the pro tru pistons (nice part) and the sir rods. i was going to go with the scat crank but i think i am now going to use a eagle 4130 steel crank. look on ebay for deals. i got my sir rods for 175 new and got the pistons for 325 new. the scat cranks run about 199 and the eagle run about 299 for the 4130 and 399 for the 4340.

good luck


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posted January 09, 2003 04:49 PM
I asked my engine builder about the scat 383 cranks on ebay. Why they are going so cheap and brand new. He told me that those where a stock 400 strock, mains, crank that had blemish on the mains. Had a machine shop turn the mains down from a 400 to a 350. Im not saying anything bad about them, but if it was my money I would have MY machine shop go over them with a fine tooth comb on the crank and anything else bought off ebay even tho it is "new".

Just trying to save a fellow race a few $$$

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posted January 09, 2003 08:39 PM
you can get a cast crank as low as 129.00 and sir rods are as low as 159. floated..

both are fine for a cheap motor, and the internal balance crank from scat is a internal so should need no mallory.

at 129 thats external balance only.


ask for racers auction pricing...

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posted January 09, 2003 09:38 PM
we've ran the sir rods from dirttrackthunder in two latemodel claim motors no trouble turned up to 7000 but avg about 6500 -6800

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posted January 17, 2003 08:50 PM
i have ran the sir rods at 8000 rpms alot of times. in my opinion they are very good rods.

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posted January 19, 2003 07:41 PM
I built a 406 with the 9000 scat crank and eagle SIR rod. I ran it 16 races turning 6800 until a broken valve cost me the motor.

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