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Author Topic:   Me again on 350
Dirt Maniac

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posted October 23, 2002 11:01 PM
I know tha I have asked before but wow what a different set of rules at this other track I think I will run to get out of all the rstrictions. I have a Chevrolet 350 4 bolt main it is stock with 993 stock heads. I am gonna be running in different class than last year and different rules. What can I do under these rules to make some cheap serious Horsepower.(if there is a such.)
Claycutters 1. Bodies: Stock OEM Steel Bodies Only. After market nose, skirts and
spoilers allowed.
2. Frame: Stock OEM Only. Wheelbase min. 110" (No Camaros) Thunderbirds,
Nova's allowed. Racing springs allowed.
3. Engine: Any big or small steel block V8 or V6. No cam or bore rule. Stock caste
heads and intake.
Stock distributor- any coil
Headers: Collector type required, must run min. 6" High Performance Muffler
at end of open header.
Carb. - GM products must run quadrajet
Fords must run motorcraft only
Mopar - Carter Carb.

4. Wheel : 8" steel

5. Tire OT or DOT recap - 9 " tread width
No Hoosier or American Racer tires allowed.

6. Weight : No limit

It says stock cast heads and intake, How would you interprite that, is vortec heads stock cast or what head should I look for or is the 993 heads any good cause they are in good shape. What about the stock cast high rise that gm produces that is like the 69 z28 repelica, is it worth it or stay with the the old stock 4barrel intake. This engine as dish pistons so Guess I should go flat tops and it dont say cast or forged so I assume its open game.What about cam?

Dirt Freak

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posted October 24, 2002 12:11 AM
my interpretation(sp) would be any 23 degree head.......stock cast......dart, world products, pro action all use stock cast but do their own modifications. Or brezinski, hehe, will hook you up too.

rico 08
Dirt Freak

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posted October 24, 2002 02:40 PM
by the way the rules state you will be racing with some big motors a 350 with 993 heads might not even break the top ten,sorry but i'd run at least a 400,the vortec's are cast,the catch it quadrajet carbs i'd find a good racing carb you may be able to get an advantage there.bowtie intakes(high rise cast)give up a little low end power(below 2500 rpm)but the power they make above that really make them worth it.and cheap serious horsepower? if you can make it and sell it you'll be a trillionaire.

Dirt Freak

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posted October 24, 2002 09:26 PM
400 w/vortec heads, bowtie intakes are not stock, late 70's non-egr and vortec intakes are. Pick your poison!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 24, 2002 09:58 PM
It depends on the tracks interpitations(?) of stock. At the track I run, stock is factory built. GM makes bowtie intakes and heads thus they are stock. The hobby stock and super stock classes both use them.
I don't think that many people would think that a Dart or any other aftermarket head would be stock. "Stock" is one of the BIGGEST areas in motorsports. Good luck.

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