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Author Topic:   what cam should i use
Dirt Maniac

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posted September 24, 2002 06:39 PM
ok hear is the deal one race left this year and i have a new motor i am goint to use. its a 355 9to1 motor with 487x 202 160 heads. the race is on a 1/2 mile track we have to use 2 barrels carb and stock exshaut. i run a 4.10 rear gear in second gear 350 tuburo. i have been using to diffrent cams this year and not sure witch one to use the first is a summit cam int duration at .050 is 224 exh is 234 lift is 465 intake and 488 exh lobe center is 114. the other is a speed-pro intake duration at .050 is 244 exh is the same 244 lift is 510 on both and 108 lobe centers wich cam would work better i never ran either cam at that track thanks in advance

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posted September 24, 2002 07:39 PM
i'd use the bigger speed pro cam. the 108 degree lobe centers will help bottom end power and the extra lift and duration will make some good top end power. with a 1/2 mile track, the longer legs of the bigger cam will be needed. good luck.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 24, 2002 08:38 PM
I completely, totally %100 agree with outlawstock17!! good post!

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 24, 2002 11:17 PM

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posted September 25, 2002 10:47 AM UIN: 54865418
lube guy go with the speedpro i'm going to get one for next year thats what the deals and 8r,3w are all running now seems to work good for them. should be some ez money next week to bad my body got totaled last week

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