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Author Topic:   Overheating problem
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posted September 02, 2002 11:00 AM UIN: 10123471
I am having an issue and wanted to see if anyone has had a similar problem or ideas. I seem to be losing water thus overheating. Thing I can't figure out is where all of the water is going. I run about 10 laps or so and all of the water is completly gone. Does not appear to have any major leaks as I cannot see any water running out anywhere. I do run on alky. Fill it back up with water and it runs at about 180 for awhile and then shoots right up. Any ideas?

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posted September 02, 2002 11:19 AM
are you using a high pressure radiator cap? if the water isn't being lost out of the cap and it's not leaking through the cooling system, then it's probably going out the exhaust. it could be a cracked head or head gasket. check your oil and see if you're getting water in it. check the exhaust to see if you have moisture in it. my guess is it's a cracked head.

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posted September 02, 2002 11:42 AM UIN: 10123471
This is the first race on a fresh motor. Guess I could drain the oil and see if there is any water in it. Hopefully its not a cracked head geesh

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posted September 02, 2002 11:48 AM UIN: 10123471
One other quick note, when the car sits idle, etc. after filling with water it is fine. Its only after a few laps that the water is losts. Or maybe its lost so much faster its noticible. Whats the odds of a bad cap???

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posted September 02, 2002 02:26 PM
i had the same problem and thought the cap was bad.what it was was the filler neck on the radiator was messed up and it wasnt sealing.i would pressure test the radiator
with the cap on to make sure.

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posted September 02, 2002 03:48 PM
Bad caps are not that rare. We buy the good ones, and still find a bad one every couple of years. If you don't have a catch can, put one on, at least temporarily. You can make one out of an anti-freeze container if need be. This will tell you if it being pushed out of the cap. The kind of pressure checker that replaces the radiator cap and allows you to pressurize the whole system will make short work of finding a leak, and you can do it in the garage when everything is cool. We do this on every freshly assembled engine.

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posted September 03, 2002 01:47 PM
A guy at our track lat year was battling this problem. It turned out to be a blown head

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posted September 04, 2002 10:07 PM
Just a few weeks ago mine was doing the same thing it would run 180 and then the temp would go up to about 220 and then stay there but at intermission we would check the water and it would be low this went on for about three weeks and finally I came out of the turn and smoke went every where I just went off later that week we checked it and it started blowing water out the exhaust and we knew it was a head gasket. We changed it and no problems since. Apparently it had been seeping and finally blew.

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posted September 08, 2002 09:31 PM
What happens when you start the motor cold and let it run for about 2 minutes and then take the cap off.. Does water back up outta the radiator. We had same problem and it was a head gasket. New gaskets solved the problem.


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