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Author Topic:   carb ?
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posted May 26, 2002 10:35 AM UIN: 25419780
how is everyone running small jets? when I ran pontiac motors with a hydraulic cam I had to run a 84 jet..then I went to small block chevy.I started with a hydraulic cam I ran 76 jets.then I went to solid had to jet up to 84 to 86 jets..I see guys on hear asking whats a good jet to sart with and have the same motor I do and everyone says 68-72jets.(if I remember right).am I running too high or what? the plugs look good ..just over toast brown..the motor is 355 11 to 1 with a 64cc heads with 202 valves 4bbl intake with 2bbl holley carb and a soild cam...If I run that low of jet my motor runs too lean. just wondering

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posted May 26, 2002 07:06 PM
I am running an asphalt modified series right now and we have to run 500 Holleys. I'm running a flat top 355 and at sea level I run 73 jets with a 5.5 power valve and the other carb that uses a power valve block off uses 80 jets. I assume that each carb may be slightly different so just read your plugs and give it the jet that your motor wants. Just use everyone elses opinion as a starting point.

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