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Author Topic:   temp
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posted May 20, 2002 08:53 PM
hey guys i just got a late model, took motor, and radiator out of my mod, didnt move timing or anything, running alky, motor got up to 220 in hot laps the other night, broke tranny on first lap of heat so didnt get to try it any more, i got that fixed and what i was wondering, do i need to run a fan shroud, never ran one in the mod but it looks like with the late model it cant get much air to the radiator, also do i need to cut a some wholes in the nose, what else could i do, also how close to the radiator should the fan be? any ideas would help, thanks

Dirt Freak

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posted May 20, 2002 09:01 PM UIN: 23443678
I just went threw this in my mod, here is what i did. I had a fan on the car about 2 1/2" from rad and found out that was way to far so i went and got one of the 16" plastic fans and put it 1" from rad and it stays under 175 till i race it then it goes up about 185 till i stop then it comes back down. With the fan farther it would heat up sitting there or packing the track 200 deg and some nights around 210 since putting the fan that close to the rad it runs cool no matter what. I have a 160 t stat in the motor and have a small rad and it is just fine without a shroud. I hope this helps,with all my babling We also race on real tacky tracks and i use to get real warm....but now its great!!!

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posted May 21, 2002 12:07 AM
Yes , you will probably have to run a shroud . We use the 19" GM four blade fan , a good fan shroud , and tunnel in the nose back to the radiator , but we run gas . A good shroud , and a couple of small holes in the nose will probably cure your problem since your on alky .

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posted May 21, 2002 03:06 AM UIN: 54865418
first nite out last year in our mod had the same problem we went ahead and replaced the water pump and rad since it was 3-4 years old cured out problem as for how close good rule is if you can take the fan off with the rad in the car your not close enough. test it by putting a rag in front of the rad if the fan can hold it in place then you have enough fan and a few holes in the nose wouldn't hurt either

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posted May 25, 2002 03:48 PM
I don't ever use a shroud, just get the fan 3/4 to 1 inch from the radiator. This atleast works good in a mod since the radiator doesn't usually get pushed back with normal racing contact.

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