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Author Topic:   best spark plugs?
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posted February 17, 2002 08:27 PM
What are the best plugs to run in a 350?(run aviation fuel w/marvels) 041 chevy heads

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posted February 17, 2002 10:27 PM
I use NGK plugs myself or BOSCH

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posted February 18, 2002 04:43 AM
Is your question about plug manufacturers or plug types? The trick, snake tongue plugs don't give you any advantage. I don't know what the multiple ground electrode plugs do. I'll wait until I hear from an expert before I'll waste the money on 'em.

I like NGK & Bosch. Most any good quality, brand name plug will do.

To start with, you should get a set of cold plugs and a set of normal temperature plugs. Use the normal plugs first and inspect them -all- after use. Use any Haynes or Chilton manual which has the plug pictures, problems and corrections, to compare your plugs. It is a good idea to drill holes in a board to keep your used plugs in order so that you can see what each cylinder is doing. Use the advice from the book that is suggested to correct any problems.

If you need to use any cold plugs, remember that it takes more voltage to fire a cold plug than a hot or normal one. I've had no problem with Ford or GM HEI ignition in firing the cold plugs recommended by the manufacturer.

You should inspect your plugs after every run, hot laps, etc. Correct any problems as they occur. Keep at least one spare set of plugs at all times. Keep all of your old plugs in order so that you can see changes over time. Keep notes with your old plugs as to atmospheric temperature and humidity conditions.

Something else... index your plugs. Indexing makes the open gap portion of the electrode point downward so that the spark always faces the piston. You can buy indexing washers at your local high performance store.

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posted February 18, 2002 07:23 PM
I recommend these.....

Kinetic Performance

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posted February 18, 2002 10:33 PM
i run acdelco plugs in a 42 heat range and never had a problem as long as i change them every other week.

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posted February 19, 2002 04:24 PM
Send me your junk,I have ran ac 42 plugs for twenty nights,put new in and could not tell any difference.As long as you are close on jetting there is no need to change plugs every other night.

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posted February 19, 2002 11:59 PM
We run NGK 3442's, we have run one set for a season and a half around 30 nights or so, and havent had any problems. We changed them this year cause we found the ceramic on one plug was cracked.

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posted February 21, 2002 07:11 AM
Alright! I see others run AC Delco spark plugs. I have been racing R43 plugs for years; they are a cold plug, so your R42 would be even colder. We keep a close eye on the plugs' color, jetting, and timing advance.

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