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Author Topic:   claimer motor
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posted January 09, 2002 08:26 AM
I am building a new motor for next season. it is going in a 3400# street stock on dot tires. the track is a 1/2 mi long straights and tight corners. our rules are any hyd. cam flat tops stock intake, q-jet and headers. no 2.02 valves and a $700 dollar claim on motor and trans. Gas only 350 cu max. I am looking for ideas. I am also wondering about putting 305 heads on a 350. can I put bigger valves in and what must I do to use theese heads? thanks for any info.

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posted January 23, 2002 02:43 AM
There's alot of ways you could go here, but your best spent money will be on alittle machine shop work. With flat tops you can still get good compression and actually are the best pistons to use on a OEM headed motor. Have your block deck zeroed out to the piston, get the parts first and have the machine shop assemble a few cylinders and zero the deck. If you use decked (squared) 64cc heads (which you should, have about .050" taken off from stock, AND DO NOT USE 305 HEADS!!), and use a copper head gasket, you'll get around 11 1/2 to 1 compression. Now get a cam with a 105 or 106 lobe center (maybe a 108-110 if your straights are LONG) and as much duration as you can get with about .540 - .550 lift. Something simular to Comp Cams 12-505-5 solid cam (Maybe even the 12-506-5 depending on how good your heads are). Get the tapered springs from Comp Cams that fit into the stock seats to save you some machine work $$ there. they have a kit with the springs, retainers and locks pretty cheap. Spend the cask for ***** in studs if rules allow, if not, pin them! That's a must do! You have to run a QJ carb?? If you do and it dosen't go with the claim, get someone good to work one over for you. Take the plenum out of a stock QJ 4 bbl intake and give it to the machine shop when your block is being done so they can cut it to matchthe new deck height of your block and heads. Also if your rules allow, hogg the **** out of the exhaust runners and match them up as best you can to your headers. Don't worry so much about the intake runners, You can'y get any more air thru 1.94 valves than the stock intake can deliver anyway, the key is to get the burnt stuff OUT so you get a fresh chamber every stroke.

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posted January 23, 2002 10:30 AM
64cc heads don't grow on trees (not
around here anyway). We looked all over for some and could'nt find any thing
other than 76cc and 305 heads. We had 1.94 intake valves put in some 416s and they ran pretty good but I don't think they are for everybody.

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posted January 23, 2002 06:12 PM
Good 64's are getting harder to come by, but it's worth the time spent finding a set. 305 heads ARE pretty good claimer heads but they just don't flow good enough at high RPMs to give you the 'cheap power' that you need in a claimer. You can spend alot more money on them having them ported and flowed, but alot of tracks don't allow that and if they do, the claim is usually $350 - $500 anyway.
Swap meets are usually filled with d-humps or other 64s. good luck

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posted January 24, 2002 10:17 AM
i would go to a 400 and run 76cc heads. i agree with 3x racing spend some money at the machine shop. run 5.7 rods and speed prohypereutectic pistons . keep your rpms about 6000 this is a torque engine with the right cam it will pull up out of the corners good. the 76cc heads will be close to a 350 w/64 cc head as far as compression. of course this will work if you don't have a cid rule

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posted January 27, 2002 10:31 PM
i would go to vortec heads as these make much more power and i can get a cast iron intake to fit it

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posted January 28, 2002 12:04 PM
Have built a few good engines (2 350's and one 400) all in the $650 range (included machine shop work). Contrary to the not running 305 heads. Ran a setup well with 305's, stock valves, good valve job, and blueprinted (gasket matched). Ran cast flat tops, cast crank, steel unaltered intake, stock rods, 3000-6500 range cam that would pull 17lbs vacuum, and either the quadrajet or holley carb. Engines would turn 6,700 +/- all night long in a 3280lb car with plenty of power in all ranges. The only advice I give, since I got bit with it,is make sure you have the correct top ring gap using cast pistons and don't over heat the engine. Run the car a little on the rich side, you'll only lose theoretically 5% vs. 15% running to lean and still have plenty out of the corner, etc.

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