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Author Topic:   New Vs. buying used....????
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posted December 14, 2001 04:49 PM
I am looking for help on a dilemna....

Blew up last years power plant 377, and now need good primary engine for 2002. Looking to spend 4000 - 5000 for a complete. Race UMP (unlimited money program) modified rules. 355, 377, 383, 406, etc.....Build new from scratch or try to buy used?

I have 400 blocks available but getting tougher to find.

What is the best bang for the buck, on 1/4 - 3/8 mile tracks.


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posted December 15, 2001 03:26 AM
I would Definitely buy new, For that kind of money you can have all the good stuff inside your motor and you know it won't come apart.
My engine builder is building me a 406 motor for a limited Late Model (it might be a 415 when were done though) and I would have spent about 3000.00 but my drawback is that I won't have roller cam, I would have a solid for right now because it would cost me 1200-1500 to change everything over. But what I'm saying is that I will have a splayed cap block, 4340 steel Crank, 4340 rods, and Weisco pro-tru pistons, ( this is all for 3000.00) complete motor with my heads.

Now if you need heads you should plan on spending about 1500.00 for a good set of aluminum heads,
Also another you need to be concerned with is how much HP is too much. NOW BE REALISTIC you only have 8" of tires that you can hook up.

My last year in e-mods I ran a 355 ci and I was fairly competitive with, but I only had maybe 2000.00 in the motor.

Also another thing to consider is your track on a weekly basis tacky or dry slick, on most nights, if it is tacky I would go with a higher HP motor like a 406 or 383, but if your track is dry slick most nights then I wouldn't build a HP Motor I would probably build a 355 or 377 like you had before.

The problem about buying used motors is the people that had it before you, you don't know how they took care of it I mean some guys don't change their oil for a month ( and it not synthetic) and I know some guys who just plain don't know how to take of a motor, I mean like the guy who take his car to the track and works on his motor,car and everything else at the track.
Say you buy a used motor well you start to check things out and you see that the heads need a big time overhaul or worse yet their cracked, because they overheated their motor to many times, you can start spending a lot of money that you don't expect to because people don't take of thier motors.

So in conclusion I would say buy new stuff then you know what you have and their is no guessing. With used motors your taking a chance that it is good. There are a whole lot of things that could go wrong with used motors because of what their previous owner did or didn't do to take care of it.

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