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Author Topic:   "I" Beams Rods, Hp Numbers
Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 07, 2001 10:18 AM
Does anyone know what kind of horsepower stock I-Beams can take? I've heard around 350-375 Hp, But I beleive it is more than that because I know my last motor I had turned over 400 Hp and I turned it 7200 rpms on a weekly basis, This was all with stock stuff except pistons.
The reason I asking is because I plan on building a 400 motor or posiblly a 383 and I expect to turn around 450 to 550 Hp. And I beleive that this Hp range is on the border line.
Also Another ? what about p/m rods from chevy they are suppose to be stronger than stock and maybe the chevy pink rods. The P/M rods are from LT1 motors froms chevy. I wonder If maybe these will do the job.

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