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Author Topic:   starter help ??
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posted September 10, 2001 01:38 PM
Tried to start a new motor over the weekend and could not get the thing to spin fast enough.

we are using a 153 tooth flywheel and a new stock starter. Tried new battery as well but it did not help.

What model stock starter are yall using ??

I am looking at mini starter as well, but I know others are using stock starters, which one will do the job ?

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posted September 10, 2001 08:27 PM
Did you do a starter draw test? If so what was the amperage that the starter drew? A regular starter should draw 125-175 amps. If it was too much more then that,look for a bad ground. The other possibility is that the motor does not have the proper clearances. Hopefully thats not the problem.

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posted September 13, 2001 01:36 PM
Both types of starters can do the job, but there are several advantages to using the mini, not the least of which is that they draw less amperage to do more work. They, in general, are easier to mount, provide better header clearance, and last longer. These starters are alot less expensive than they used to be for some pretty decent pieces. I believe that purchasing a mini starter will be one of the best moves you can make for your racing program and you will be very satisfied. Did I mention they save a bunch of weight? In the front of the car, too.

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posted September 13, 2001 11:35 PM UIN: 23443678
I had this problem once when firing a new motor had a new battery. I put 3 or 4 statrers in but it would only turn over with the charger on start mode. IT WAS THE BATTERY i had to get one that had enough cranking amps!!! Just my 2

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posted September 14, 2001 09:03 PM
If you have made certain the motor has the proper clearances, I agree with dirtracer14, even if the battery is brand new if it doesnt have enough cranking amps youll definitly have starting problems.

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posted September 16, 2001 08:52 PM
I agree, with the battery concern, but what I am trying to find out is this: Do any of you use a big block starter or can you reccomend a stock type starter that has more cranking power and will work with a 153 tooth flywheel. I am going to go out tomorrow and come back with a new interstate gell pack battery and that will solve any battery concerns.

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posted September 17, 2001 01:57 PM
Could you use a starter off a diesel engine?
We have done that before and it cranks faster than any other stock starter.

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posted September 17, 2001 04:27 PM
If you cant turn the engine over by hand at the flywheel, you have internal engine problems! Any starter should start the engine. Now how long it lasts, or what it weighs is another deal. But any oem starter should start a fresh engine.

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posted September 17, 2001 04:29 PM
You can go and get a 4,000 amp battery. But its only going to take 150 to 250 amps to crank the motor. If it takes 600, 700, 1000 amps to crank the motor, you've got big problems. A heavier (having more plates), more expensive battery will do the same amount of work for a longer period of time, but its not necessary. Since you say you've tried a new battery and starter, I would double check my cables and grounds, like someone suggested. Sounds like excessive resistance from a bad connection. OR improper tolerances. Just my thoughts.

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posted September 17, 2001 06:06 PM
The motor turns over by hand fine its not tight, the motor does have good compression. I have ohmed out the grounds and cables they came up ok. I have even checked continuity to ground on the ground cable and its good. ANyway I am going to switch to a 168 tooth flywheel and big block starter and give it a shot.

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posted September 17, 2001 06:13 PM
Scrap the ohmmeter and use a voltage drop test. Place 1 lead on the neg battery post and ground the other to the engine. Crank the motor over and check the voltage. If you got more than 1/2 a volt,you've got ground problems. Take a little advice from an auto technician that has been bit more than once using and ohmmeter

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posted September 19, 2001 12:01 PM
Have you checked the starter gear teeth to flywheel teeth clearance? Maybe you need to shim your starter with a few shims so that
the starter gears do not so deeply engage into the flywheel teeth.

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posted September 20, 2001 11:05 PM
I know this may sound stupid but it may be your problem. Is it possible that the engine is kicking back from too much timing? To test, unhook the distributer wire or leave the ignition switch off while you crank the motor over. I did this once on a street car, and I felt like an idiot. I even replaced the battery and cables..

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posted September 22, 2001 02:07 PM
Thnaks for all the suggestions and help. I gave in and spent the money on a mini starter. I did not want to but, after dealing with a jacka$$ at a starter shop and trying to explain what I wanted and being asked all sorts of stupid questions and being treated poorly, ( Litchfield Auto Electric, Litchfield Michigan)I went right out and bought one at VSI.

This jerk at the starter shop asked me if I had enough cold cranking amps and I told him yes, the batttery is new and has 850 cold cranking amps.

Then the idiot asked me how much money I had to spend needless to say after a few more retarded questions I walked out and I would not reccomend this place to anyone. In fact I would walk before purchasing anything from Litchfield Auto Electric.

Anyway, Needless to say after two cranks the motor fired right up with new mini starter. The mini starter even has a lifetime waranty many thanks to VSI in Indiana. What a difference the starter made.

Thanks again for the help to all those offered help.

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