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Author Topic:   Controlled Vacuum Leaks
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posted July 21, 2001 09:53 PM
What's everybody's thoughts on trying to get a little more air into an engine by unpluging some vacuum fittings on the carburetor and manifold? It seems like it might be a very small CFM gain, but I'd like to experiment with it.


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posted July 25, 2001 04:57 AM
Nascar teams have been caught doing that sort of thing, including cut carb gaskets and intake manifold gaskets. I suppose you can always jet up to compensate, but if your running dirt, that is a source of unfiltered air getting into your engine and causing unecesary wear.

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posted July 27, 2001 02:48 PM
In a class with the most significant power limiter is the required 2-barrel, would running a hose from a fitting below the carb to the breather on the valve cover gain some power. I was thinking of plugging the valve cover tube so the intake only ***** relatively cool, outside-the-engine, air through the little fabric breather. You could even put a hollow pcv valve on it and make it look like a factory set up. I don't think this would raise any eyebrows with our tech guy. Has anyone tried this? How does it work?

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