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Author Topic:   6.0 stroker rods
Dirt Freak

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posted February 28, 2001 07:34 PM
Would just like to know what some of you-alls opinion is on wich type of rod you think is best....The stroker clearanced I-beam rod.....or...The stroker clearanced H-beam rod....Is the H-beam stronger?? Im going to put them in a 406 6.0 rod motor. Another question...are all 6.0 H-beam rods stroker clearanced for 406??? And also what about the I-beam??? I have noticed that some companies dont say wether they are stroker clearanced...I dont want to spend all the money to get them and find out they hit the cam...Thanx in advance.

Dirt Maniac

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posted February 28, 2001 11:18 PM
I have found that most all of your aftermarket rods are stroker clearanced. I personally don't use nothing but 4340 steel rods. I also have found that I beam rods are lighter than H beams and that H beams claim to be stronger than I beams. I have used both and never had a rod failure.

Dirt Freak

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posted March 01, 2001 09:50 PM
The H beam is stronger, and if you go off gram weight they are much stronger pound for pound..........If you are looking for a good rod to run in a 406 buy yourself a set of Crower sportsmen stroker rods, good for about 550-575 hp and light enough to balance without adding heavy metal to the crank.....
and You can buy them cheap enough.

This is all I run, I've got one set that's 13 years old.......2 years ago I put in new bolts and re-sized 13 years that's all the money I spent on them. I don't put this set in a great motor because they are too old and may break any day, but for as long as they have lasted If I lost a cheap set of heads and a cheap crank kit I won't cry too hard.

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