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Author Topic:   Cam Help needed
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posted September 20, 2000 07:38 PM
I need help selecting the right cam for my engine. I am running a 350 bored .060 over 5.7 inch rods stock crank 10.2:1 Keith Black pistons. 461# double hump heads with 64cc chambers with a stock aluminum intake and a stock Quadrajet 4 barrel carb. This is being run on a 3/8 mile dirt track. Also what is the max. rpm to be safely turned on this engine. Car weighs 3380#.
Any help would be appreciated.

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 20, 2000 09:57 PM
Call some cam mfg's thats what their there for. Thats the only answer to your question.

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posted September 21, 2000 03:54 PM UIN: 1986763
Call Comp Cams Cam Help line...800-999-0853. Even if you don't buy a CC cam, they will be able to give you the specs of what you need, then you can buy it elsewhere. With the compression, be sure to get a recommendation from a cam mfg (since it's not 11:1 or 12.5:1). As far as RPM, I have turned pretty much stock motors (with fresh parts) up to 6500...and never blew one. I replaced pistons and rods every season to be safe.


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posted September 21, 2000 05:22 PM
Call Clay Smith Cams . You won't be sorry.

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posted September 21, 2000 07:11 PM
ISKY has some nice circle-track cams, I've never heard any bad things about their products. Check them out on-line, request their catalog also.

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posted September 21, 2000 11:11 PM
I was told Clay Smith Cams are no longer in business is this true or not?If not does anyone have a phone number for them ?I have a cam that was given to me by a friend who didn't like setting the valves all the time we tried it in our modified and it was a real hoss but all the markings have been ground off except the Clay Smith name.I would like to replace it since we lost the motor due to bigfoot disease & during this process the cam was damaged beyond repair.

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posted September 27, 2000 07:16 PM

I'm not sure about the status of Clay Smith, but there are several cam grinders out there that can usually take a shot cam, profile two good lobes, and reproduce it. The best bet is if it has good lobes for #1 cyl. that way they can index of the dowel right away to get the right c/l and lobe sep. Seems to me they can even do this with a broken cam.

It has been many years since I had this done, and I'm sorry to say I forgot who I had do them for me, but check with either Isky or Lunati, I'm thinkin they can help you.

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