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Author Topic:   Your idea of the best engine combo for your application.
Dirt Administrator

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posted July 20, 2000 04:31 PM UIN: 16262997
I want to hear some of your thoughts on what the best engine combination would be for whatever class you run. Mods.....umm....for us, probably a short stroked, big pistoned small block that will be soft on the lower end and strong on the upper end....I think this is why the V-6 cars work so well in our cars. The lightweight cars make a big difference in what you can run and still get away with. What are your thoughts.

Dirt Roller

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posted July 21, 2000 08:24 AM
Our cars are HEAVY street stocks. 4000# plus. Belive it or not the longer wheelbase caddys with the 510 cube motors are front runners. My car is an Impala with a SBC 400 and it's a pretty good threat. We DO have some 3900# cars with 355's that run well too.

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