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Author Topic:   Brownstown's general admission price
Silver Fox
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posted June 27, 2001 02:33 PM
Did anyone else notice that Brownstown raised the general admission price this weekend from $10 to $12. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I don't see where they raised the Bomber purse. I assume they did it to pay for the Winged Mini Sprints.
Has anyone heard anymore about North Vernon running Bombers every week and what their purse would be?

got ?
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posted June 27, 2001 02:48 PM UIN: 47
Maybe there going to pay the bombers a 1.000.YEA RIGHT!!!!

Dirt Roller

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posted June 27, 2001 03:54 PM
they would probably pay a 1,000 dollars if the 31, 00, and the 0 cars let the #47 win lol..

Dirt Moderator

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posted June 27, 2001 08:06 PM
they did increase pay out from 11th back extra $5.00.....i think that might be a down payment on a used

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