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Author Topic:   Its hard to keep one of these cars straight.
Dirt Administrator

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posted March 18, 2000 09:35 AM
From what I have seen, these cars are hard to keep pretty.

Dirt Administrator

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posted April 01, 2000 12:06 AM
With the modification limitations, they are hard to keep straight to keep pretty. LOL

Dirt Roller

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posted April 08, 2000 12:25 PM
By straight do you mean running down the track straight-or keeping the car looking good?
If you race in Iowa like myself it seems that there are tracks that have drivers forget that were not racing in a high speed demo derby and the only way they can pass is by banging-Then there are tracks where everyone is capable racing side-side without as much as touching and still go fast.
And at every track at the begining of the season everyone is trying to win on the first lap
Keep a cool Head

Dirt Roller

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posted April 20, 2000 11:29 PM
I agree, I think people need to slow down and be patient before they hall off and smash ur behind, or T-Bone you.

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