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Author Topic:   $10,000 bounty on Jenkins @ I-30 speedway in Little Rock
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posted June 22, 2001 05:37 PM
A $10,000 bounty has been put on Lewis Jenkins Jr. for anyone in a 360c.i. sprinter that can beat him. Check out I-30 Speedway's web site for details @

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posted June 22, 2001 07:50 PM UIN: 16262997
Bounty Race Update - 4:22 PM PST
I just got off the phone with Affiliated Foods - here's the deal for the bounty race. $10,000 is guaranteed to whoever wins, regardless of Jenkins finishing the race. (Jenkins DOES NOT get $15,000 if he wins). Jenkins gets his choice of starting on the pole or outside pole. He does not run a heat race.
Affiliated Foods is sponsoring a "Dash for Cash" for the top 4 in passing points - $1,000 to the winner, $500 for 2nd, $250 for 3rd and $100 for 4th. (Jenkins is NOT eligible for the Dash).
If Jenkins breaks/crashes, he gets 15 minutes to repair his car. He will restart the race at the rear. The 15 minutes is open to any driver, but they will also restart at the rear.
All other I-30 rules apply. The only 2 "breaks" that Jenkins gets is he gets to chose what starting position he wants (inside/outside front row) and he gets 15 minutes to try to repair his car (if needed).
Thanks again to Affiliated Foods for putting up the bounty and the dash.

Cool deal!

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